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The real beauty of Smartibooks is that they're fast, easy and free to create. No more headaches dealing with complex file conversions, paperwork for wholesalers and retailers, complications with copy protection, etc. The developer handles the technical "heavy lifting," setup with Apple and other e-tailers, e-commerce, and more.

With practice, you will find that it takes just minutes to prepare an e-Book for publication on the iPhone and iPad. Simply follow the steps below, then relax... in a couple weeks, the finished book will become available for more than 50 million users to download, generating revenues for you with no up-front expense, and a bare minimum of hassle.

  1. If you have not already opened a free account, click HERE to sign up. If you are a member of CWC, BAIPA, Harvardwood, SPAN or WNBA, be sure to use your group's special affiliate code to get an extra 5% payout. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail with your username and password in a day or two.

    Before creating a SmartiBook, you will need a Paypal account where the developer can send your royalties from book sales.

  2. If you already have a SmartiPhone account, visit At the bottom of the screen, click the "Control Panel" link, then click "Login." Enter your username and password.

  3. Next click "Inventories," then "Create a New Book."

  4. Enter a brief description, author biography, and excerpts from reviews. Set the price. We recommend starting with a low price, so you can download the completed application for testing on your own iPhone or iPad at little or no cost. You can increase the price anytime thereafter.

  5. Upload a Word, RTF, HTML or PDF file of your manuscript. Word and RTF formats are best. Use PDF or HTML otherwise.

  6. At the same time, also upload a cover image in PSD, JPG or PNG format.

  7. That's it -- your setup work is done!

  • Your book will now be converted to a stand-alone application for the iPhone, with the ability to search, enlarge type size, insert notes, read at night with backlighting, and many other useful features. Click HERE for screenshots of a real SmartiBook in action.

  • About two weeks later, the completed e-book will become available to the public from the Apple App Store, followed by outlets. You control the price, and may change it at any time.

  • About 90 days after readers start purchasing copies, you are paid 30% via Paypal, less a one-time processing fee of $5. (The fee is deducted only from the first payment for each e-Book title submitted. It does NOT recur thereafter.) If you use an affiliate code to enroll, your payout is increased to 35%.

  • Because each e-Book is a stand-alone application, readers need no other software. It is NOT necessary for the buyer to install an external e-Book reading program, because each e-Book downloaded is completely self-contained. Since iPhone applications are not easily moved from one phone to another, this also reduces the risk of piracy.

  • Concerned about losing print sales? On the contrary, our early research suggests that many readers of Smartibooks will use them as low-cost "previews" before buying in print.

  • Smartibooks are also an ideal way for authors and publishers to test the market for NEW books before investing in print publication.

  • This program is NOT limited to larger publishers or "name" authors. It is open to any author or publisher who wants to start e-publishing without a lot of technical hassle, up-front expense or paperwork.

  • Unlike other programs that are limited to US markets only, this one makes e-Books available to readers worldwide.

  • Authors and publishers are free to e-publish elsewhere in other formats, while using this platform for smartphones, with more sophisticated features and less risk of piracy.

  • It isn't limited to single-purpose e-Book reading devices. It offers authors and publishers a chance to reach more than 50 MILLION people who already use smartphones, with millions more coming each year, hungry for content to download.

  • Looking to the Future:

    e-Publishing is growing rapidly. According to, e-Book sales topped $40 million in 2009 - and these were wholesale revenues, perhaps only 50% of retail. The steep upward trajectory will continue in 2010 and following. Some experts predict that retail sales of e-Books could exceed $100 MILLION PER YEAR by 2011.

    People under 30 (the next generation of readers) are inseparable from their smartphones. Most report that their smartphone reading experience is more than satisfactory, including the ability to search, enlarge type, insert notes, read at night with a built-in backlight feature, and more. Young consumers also appreciate the benefits of saving paper and trees, cleaner air, and conserving the energy required to print and ship printed books.

    For these reasons, it is virtually certain that more and more books will be read on smartphones in the years ahead. But the foresighted publisher can get started today, with remarkable ease and economy, with this exciting new affiliate program for mobile publishing, courtesy of Unlimited Publishing LLC.

    Full Disclosure:

    UP receives a 5% commission from each e-Book sold under this program. The commission is paid by AppsPublisher; it does NOT reduce the author or publisher's revenue. UP is not a party to your publishing agreement with AppsPublisher, and makes no claim of copyright interest, technology patent or warranties of any kind.
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