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by Mary Girsch-Bock
Special limited editions to benefit the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation are not available from bookstores!


Carcinoid Cancer, Zebras and Stardust by Mary Girsch-Bock is the story of one person's relentless battle against carcinoid, and of the author's struggle to come to terms with the death of her beloved sister. Inside, you'll also find the words of some of the world's top carcinoid specialists, invaluable reference data, and a comprehensive list of the top carcinoid specialists.


Mary Girsch-Bock was born and raised in the Chicagoland area, and still considers Chicago 'home.' After a career in the healthcare and property management industries, Mary began a successful freelance writing career, specializing in business and technology issues, and is currently a contributing writer for The CPA Technology Advisor.

Mary began researching carcinoid tumors shortly after her sister Marge's diagnosis in 1995, and continues to do so today. Shortly before her death, Marge conveyed her desire to have her story told. From that desire came 'Of Zebras and Stardust.' Mary currently lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her husband Shannon, son Jared, three birds, and a neurotic dog.


The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization chartered by the State of New York in 1968 for the purpose of encouraging and supporting research and education on carcinoid tumors and related neuroendocrine tumors. It is not directly or indirectly funded or managed by any pharmaceutical company.

A portion of the proceeds from every order will be earmarked to support the programs and activities of the CCF.

This special CCF edition is NOT available from bookstores!

Click on a link below to order a copy directly from one of our printers.

Please click HERE to order a paperback edition.

Please click HERE to order a hardback edition.

Please check ALL shipping methods carefully before ordering, to get the best delivered value!

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