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by Vida Blue as told to Marty Friedman

Special Advance Release, not yet available from bookstores!


During a long series of working lunches, baseball legend Vida Blue revealed the inside stories behind the headlines of his career to lifelong baseball fan, Marty Friedman.

He described growing up in Louisiana amid the inevitable racist attitudes of the deep South, followed by athletic wizardry in high school, his early years in the minors, his brilliant first year in the majors and all the triumphs and struggles that followed.

This book is a must-read for any fan of the Athletics, Giants and Royals, or lover of baseball history.

(Cover photography by Thomas Buckner NYC, used by permission)

The first authorized biography in nearly 40 years, this in-your-face, first-person narrative not only gives the reader a locker room view of Blue's amazing career, but also a glimpse at the inner man -- and all he's done after baseball.


A former Associate Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson in New York City, Marty Friedman has written dozens of print ads and promotions for publications including Sport Magazine. He has received dozens of advertising awards, two CLIOs for Kodak Film, and the Grand Prize in the International Film Festival. He also taught writing at the Adult School of Madison, NJ, for many years. When not writing or following baseball, he is a nationally-ranked foil fencing competitor.

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