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Unlimited Publishing welcomes the selective reader, professional writer and independent book publisher!

UP is proud to publish books by scores of veteran authors, journalists, scholars and experts, and a select group of new writers working in genres including fiction, nonfiction, poetry and books for children.

We use the latest Print-on-Demand book publishing technologies to bring back out-of-print books, and to co-publish new books in partnership with professional writers and independent book publishers worldwide.

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    We invite you to compare UP books with those from other POD book publishers, and with those from conventional book publishers. Our emphasis on quality over quantity, combined with the economic benefits of print on demand book publishing, make UP an exciting new model for the professional book publisher of the 21st century.

  • Coming Soon from UP and Universal Studios:

    UP will proudly co-publish a delightful new book with Universal Studios Hollywood in 2007: an inside look at navigating the ground floor of the world's most glamorous business!

    This upcoming co-publication with Universal is the latest in a growing list of UP books published in collaboration with leading commercial and nonprofit institutions, using new POD book publishing technologies.

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    The Professional POD Book Publisher:

    Thank you for visiting Unlimited Publishing LLC. We specialize in reviving out-of-print books from major book publishers, publishing new books by previously published authors, and releasing a limited number of books by promising new writers. We also co-publish books with other book publishers, using print-on-demand book publishing methods to slash costs while maintaining high standards.

    For example, please preview the new POD edition of The Power of Character, co-published by UP and the Josephson Institute of Ethics. It includes essays by dozens of prominent Americans such as Harvard's Alan M. Dershowitz; best selling author Daniel Goleman; CBS's Dan Rather; no-nonsense radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger; spiritual leader Marianne Williamson and scores of other leaders. Originally released by Jossey Bass (an imprint of Wiley & Sons) in hardcover, the updated UP edition is now available in paperback and library quality hardback.

    Print on demand book publishing is ideal for books that hold enduring appeal to readers, year after year, in quantities large or small... or literally one book at a time!

    Unlike some POD book publishers that flood the market with thousands of marginal books that hold little (if any) real public appeal, UP is selective and we release only a limited number of new titles each year. We are focused on quality over quantity, and our policies are geared for the professional writer or book publisher.

    Available Now!

    Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We're Going to Grandma's!
    by Carleton Kendrick and Barbara Cooke

    A light-hearted guide to parenting teens, co-authored by one of the nation's most widely recognized authorities on family matters.

    Featured by major media coast-to-coast, including The Early Show on CBS, Good Morning America on ABC, Time Magazine, Newsday, Martha Stewart Living and many more!

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