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This report is lengthy, but important; please read it carefully!

UNLIMITED PUBLISHING LLC (UP) is a high-tech publisher of "Print on Demand" (POD) books by professional writers. UP does not charge fees from authors, nor inflated prices for books -- from readers or writers. Unlike vanity presses that flood the market with marginal books regardless of limited public appeal, UP is selective and releases only a limited number of new titles each year.

In today's world, a growing number of writers are using POD services to publish books on their own, rather than fight an uphill battle getting published by traditional book publishing houses. UP applauds their efforts. However, authors who self-publish are often charged substantial fees by service providers, or spend many hours juggling complex computer operations to prepare books for publication by themselves.

UP combines the best of both worlds, allowing writers to get published without paying fees, while avoiding daunting technical hassles frequently faced by self-publishing authors who try the "Do It Yourself" approach to book publishing. Writers who publish with UP also benefit from the backing of a well established trade publisher (founded in April 2000) with a reputation for quality, multiple printers and distributors, broad media coverage and robust technical resources. Don't take our word for it; see UP NEWS for documented reports.

In addition, UP uses a realistic, market-driven approach to distribution that makes new books more and more widely available to the reading public as they prove their real-life demand. New books start in niche markets; as they demonstrate their public appeal, they become available from more and more retailers. This is a fair, no-BS approach that is NOT suitable for vanity press material with limited public appeal, but ideal for the professional writer who approaches the publication of a book like a real business, with a real publisher.

The chronological timeline below explains the key phases of publication with UP, and how new UP books can "graduate" from niche markets to regional, national, or even international distribution through the broadest channels in the mainstream book publishing industry and beyond. Again, please excuse the length and detail below... but you will find it worthwhile to read it carefully!

The following information is PRIVATE, and protected by the confidentiality clause of your contract with UP. Please do NOT share it with others, for any reason. We must aggressively enforce the privacy of our unique system for book publishing, which has taken years to develop. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

Pre-Press: Day 1 to Day 60
UP handles the legwork with the author's input

  • Before acceptance, we need a 10 page excerpt and detailed marketing plan from the author, identifying your audience and the steps that you, as the author, will take to reach readers.
  • Upon acceptance, please print and sign the contract at
  • You will soon receive an advance. (You must deposit the check for the advance within 30 days.)
  • Next, we need a 100 word summary of the book plus 100 words about the author, plus your preference for a preliminary cover design. Visit to preview.
  • The clock starts ticking when you submit your 110% completed manuscript. Remember that no re-writing for style or content is possible hereafter. It is fine to take extra time to insure that the manuscript is totally clean and complete before sumission.
  • Interior layout takes about 30 days. You will receive a bound galley proof shortly thereafter at our expense.
  • While you are waiting for the galley proof, consult Literary Marketplace at your local library (or get a free trial online) and submit a single, comprehensive list of up to 25 publications to UP. Do not send suggestions in installments; send them all at one time.
  • Your list of suggested reviewers must include the title of each publication, a specific name (not "Book Review Editor") and a valid e-mail address or U.S. fax number for each outlet. Call the publication for specifics if needed before submitting to UP. Pick ONLY publications with a SPECIFIC focus on your topic.
  • You may also submit a single list of up to 25 news media (usually local or with a specific tie to you or your subject) to receive press releases after initial publication. Print, broadcast and online media may be included.
  • Most UP authors are experts in their fields. We rely on their expertise to give us direction for publicity, while using our experience in the publishing industry to slash costs and reach readers more directly.
  • Pre-Publication Galley: Day 60 to Day 120
    Soliciting book reviews while finalizing the book

  • UP will query suggested book reviewers of our choice on your behalf, and send advance copies at our expense on request, allowing 60-90 days lead time before initial public release.
  • Meanwhile, you should work with a qualified proofreader of your choice to scour the galley proof for typos. Remember that changing more than a few words here and there is not possible.
  • Do NOT submit suggested changes piecemeal; instead, combine ALL proposed changes in a single, final, comprehensive list.
  • Take your time. Do not submit your list of proposed changes prematurely, or in installments. Remember that changes will be made once, and only once.
  • Please submit all suggested changes to UP arranged by page number, paragraph and line. Include "before and after" text surrounded by brackets.
  • For example, your note should read: "36.2.4 change [this looks awfully good] to [this will look fantastic]" for a suggestion on page 36, paragraph 2, line 4.
  • It is very helpful if your "before and after" notes above include distinctive words or phrases that are easy to find. In the example above, the words "awfully" and "fantastic" would work well.
  • UP reserves the right to discontinue publication if proposed changes are excessive.
  • During this period, you should also prepare your own Web site (or at least a free Blog account), a mailing list and other promotional tools for use in the next phase.
  • Special Advance Release: Day 120 to Day 180-240
    Prove your book's public appeal to gain broader distribution and public exposure

  • Based on your suggestions after review of the galley, UP will make changes at our discretion, provided they are minimal and do not alter the page count or layout significantly.
  • A revised draft is usually ready for initial public ordering within 30 days thereafter.
  • The revised book becomes available for early readers to order online, exclusively from Web sites of UP, our printer(s) and the author. It is not yet available from bookstores.
  • Next, UP sends press releases by fax and e-mail to U.S. newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations of our choice.
  • At this stage, all public announcements read: "Not available from bookstores. For a limited time only, this promising new book is available exclusively from the Web sites of the author and publisher." This language gives early readers a sense that they are getting something special -- and they are!
  • The author may obtain copies for VIPs, insiders or re-sale at roughly 50% of cover price. When readers order directly from the author, the author's earnings are substantially higher than those from orders placed elsewhere.
  • Authors are encouraged to notify UP about large institutions that focus on related topics. UP can offer a customized "special edition" to any bulk buyer with no fees or obligations to purchase.
  • The author must commit to actively notifying prospective readers about the new book on a regular basis, month after month. Even two or three hours per week can make a real difference in growing a grassroots audience.
  • For example, authors can set up news alerts at Google, and respond to reports about breaking news in their fields with expert commentary, signed "John Doe, author of 'Book Title'" or similar.
  • Regular postings to related blogs, newsgroups, and social networking sites like Facebook are also helpful.
  • Don't overlook personal contacts or acquaintainces at schools, churches, fraternal and professional groups with which you are affliated.
  • Authors earn up to 50% of cover price from sales at live events; royalties of 10% are paid for retail orders.
  • At this stage, plan monthly live events at libraries, schools, churches and other public venues -- but not bookstores. Bookstore availability follows in the next section.
  • Every few months, UP evaluates book reviews and other media coverage, early sales volume (including books ordered by the author for re-sale), the success of live events held by the author, and other factors to decide if broader distribution is merited.
  • Books that prove their public appeal in the first few months are prepared by UP for expanded distribution by additional printers and wholesalers.
  • Others remain in limited distribution, available to order online by the author, family and friends -- but not from mainstream booksellers. Unlike vanity presses, UP does not flood the market with marginal books that hold nominal appeal to the reading public.
  • This is a realistic, no-BS, market-driven approach to professional book publishing. It is NOT suitable for vanity publishing, or for authors who don't work hard to cultivate a meaningful audience after their books are published.
  • Currently about 60% to 70% of new UP books "graduate" from Special Advance Release to distribution through major book industry channels.
  • You can feel real pride if your book enjoys enough early public demand to justify regional, national, or even international distribution.
  • Mainstream Book Industry Release: Day 180-240 to Day 360
    Access to leading retailers, versus more tightly targeted markets

  • UP uses several different printers and distributors that supply all major booksellers, including "brick and mortar" bookstore chains like Borders and Barnes & Noble, online booksellers like, and many others.
  • However, we always emphasize more tightly-targeted markets such as businesses and Web sites whose product lines are compatible with your book's specific subject. Authors should also plan monthly live events, promote the book regularly at their own Web sites or 'Blogs, and cultivate media coverage on an on-going basis.
  • Conventional bookstores expect big discounts, often pay slowly and want to option to return any unsold copies for a full refund. Other outlets are far more numerous, and offer better terms.
  • The author earns far more income when books are ordered directly from our Web site or the author's, at live events, or from specialty retailers other than bookstores.
  • The most successful UP authors sell the majority of their books through non-traditional outlets, at live events, by direct mail, and from their own Web sites -- even after they become available through conventional book trade channels.
  • Getting a book into trade distribution typically takes four to eight weeks before online listings appear at Amazon, Target, and other retailers. Many UP books are available to ORDER from leading bookstores, but are rarely stocked on the shelves.
  • Once in trade distribution, most books can remain in print almost indefinitely, generating royalties for the author for years to come.
  • After National Release: Day 360 and following
    Subsidiary rights and special editions wring more revenue from your work

  • In addition to making popular books available to order from mainstream booksellers, UP can prepare hardback, enlarged text, e-Book and UK-EU size editions if appropriate.
  • UP also uses printers in the UK and EU to serve an international market when there is demonstrated public appeal.
  • Several UP books have been translated to other languages, sold reprint and excerpt rights, or been picked up by larger publishers. A rapidly growing number of UP books are also released as special editions to benefit major nonprofits in related areas.
  • Many UP books enjoy far more media coverage, favorable reviews, award nominations, and subsidiary rights deals than those from average POD book publishers. Don't take our word for it; see UP NEWS for documented reports.
  • Book promotion is an ongoing process rather than a one-time event. The author must continue the promotion efforts described earlier on a regular basis for the life of the book in order to achieve widespread readership.
  • If you have written a quality book with a clear audience, and you are serious about working hard to reach a broad audience, UP's system is ideal.
  • UP is proud of our unique approach to book publishing. We are a "real" publisher that releases books at our own expense, rather than the writer's. We make money by selling books -- not from fees paid by authors. At the same time, we do not mislead authors to expect that their books will magically become bestsellers on the shelves of every bookstore. Promoting a new book is hard work, and the author does the lion's share of it. Yet UP has the resources and business relationships to make books widely available to the public through the largest channels in the publishing industry when there is proven demand.

    The workflow above also affords UP (and the author) the luxury of polishing a new book for several months before it reaches mainstream book trade channels. Even better, we can quickly customize books to meet the demands of buyers with special needs (enlarged text, hardback, e-Book, UK-EU sizes), and to attract support from institutions with special editions that feature their information.

    We believe that nearly all publishers, including the big New York houses, will adopt similar practices in the future. They are simply faster, more economical and more flexible that traditional methods. Here at UP, the future is now. Please join us in pioneering new and better ways to get worthwhile books in print, and to reach readers more directly than ever before possible.

    The preceding information is PRIVATE, and protected by the confidentiality clause of your contract with UP. Please do NOT share it with others, for any reason. We must aggressively enforce the privacy of our unique system for book publishing, which has taken years to develop. Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

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