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THE SEVENTH DRAGON: The Riddle of Equal Temperament
by Anita T. Sullivan


"This work of high originality rekindles our sense of life's rich mystery."
-- Library Journal

"...this book should bear a subtitle like 'Zen and the Art of Piano Tuning,' because...tuning a string to a pitch is more than just tightening a corset. It is a metaphysical act."
-- The New York Times

"...the subject has an intrinsic fascination that Sullivan brings out nicely."
-- Publishers Weekly

Unlimited Publishing LLC is proud to report that it has acquired rights to release a new edition of The Seventh Dragon: The Riddle of Equal Temperament by Anita T. Sullivan.

The first edition, from Metamorphous Press, was released in 1985. It was widely praised by major media including National Public Radio, The New York Times, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, ALA Booklist and many others. In 1986 it received the Western States Book Award for creative nonfiction.

What is the Seventh Dragon? In Japanese folklore it is "the listener" who remains invisible to us, elusive as solutions to the fundamental puzzles of human existence. A practical guide to understanding the complexities of piano tuning, this remarkable book also helps readers search for answers to the greater mysteries of life.

UP has released a new edition in 2005, updated and enhanced with fresh new material, illustrations, index and bibliography. This new UP edition renews a timeless book for a new generation of readers.

Click HERE for more information about this remarkable book!


When Anita Sullivan started a second career as a piano tuner 25 years ago, she was immediately puzzled by the piano’s complicated tuning system. Surprised to learn that her new profession was not only technically complex, but in fact required artistic judgements, she set herself to describing the tuning system in a way that would make sense to ordinary listeners, rather than piano technicians alone. This exceptional book is the result. Sullivan now lives in Oregon, where recently she has turned her attention to early pianos, the tuning of historical temperaments, and the music that goes with them.

This fine book is available to order from all leading booksellers. Libraries and bookstores may order at wholesale prices from Ingram. Readers may use the links below to order directly from one or more of the printing companies used by Unlimited Publishing LLC to make our best books available to a worldwide audience.

Please click HERE to order a paperback.

Please click HERE to order an enlarged text edition.
(Also available for U.K. and E.U. readers.)
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