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Book Publication Contract

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Legal name of CONTRIBUTOR:

Date of Submission:

This book publication contract (hereinafter to be referred to as the "AGREEMENT") is entered into on the date shown above.

This AGREEMENT is by and between Unlimited Publishing LLC (serving as distributing publisher and hereinafter referred to as "UP") and the individual or organization shown above (serving as contributing publisher and hereinafter referred to as "CONTRIBUTOR") for the publication of a book as defined below. CONTRIBUTOR shall pay no service fees of any kind, nor have any obligation to buy or sell books.

Whereas CONTRIBUTOR wishes to publish a book under the title shown below (hereinafter referred to as the WORK) the CONTRIBUTOR grants to UP and its designees the exclusive right to reproduce the WORK in any form for a period of three years following public release, renewalable thereafter by mutual agreement. CONTRIBUTOR further represents to UP that:

  1. CONTRIBUTOR has full legal power and capacity to make this AGREEMENT;
  2. CONTRIBUTOR holds full and uncontested copyright(s) to the entire WORK;
  3. CONTRIBUTOR shall submit written permission to use any material whatsover created by others if included in the WORK;
  4. the WORK does not infringe upon any statutory or common law copyright;
  5. the WORK does not violate any right of privacy;
  6. the WORK is not libelous, slanderous or obscene;
  7. the WORK is not in the public domain;
  8. the WORK contains no recipe, formula or instruction that is injurious, or potentially injurious;
  9. CONTRIBUTOR shall hold and save harmless UP and its officers, directors, partners, members, employees, contractors, service providers, agents and assigns from any and all charges, accounts, obligations, implied warranties, damages, and liabilities real or contingent, including legal expenses, that UP may incur from entering into this AGREEMENT; and
  10. CONTRIBUTOR accepts sole responsibility for the content of the WORK, including errors and omissions (if any) and damages incurred, or alleged to be incurred, by any party as a result of publication of the WORK.

In consideration of this AGREEMENT, UP shall:

  1. pay to CONTRIBUTOR an advance against future royalties in the amount of $1.00 (one U.S. dollar) and other valuable consideration upon acceptance;
  2. reserve the right to accept or decline any submission at its own discretion, without notice;
  3. assume all costs associated with services defined in this section, using service provider(s) of UPís choice;
  4. arrange assignment of an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) to editions of the work offered for sale in mainstream book industry channels;
  5. arrange complete interior and cover design using service provider(s) of UP's choice;
  6. submit the completed WORK to one or more printer(s) and/or distributor(s) for public release within one year of receiving all necessary materials from CONTRIBUTOR;
  7. endeavor to promote the WORK, using methods which may include (but are not limited to) the following: a) advertising the WORK in print or electronic media of UP's choice; b) sending press releases by fax to U.S. newspapers and/or magazines and/or broadcast media of UP's choice; and c) sending additional announcements to bookstores and/or libraries and/or Web sites of UP's choice;
  8. consult with the CONTRIBUTOR regarding the public pricing of the WORK, while retaining the right to establish or change the price and terms for buyers;
  9. remit to CONTRIBUTOR on a quarterly basis a royalty payment from UP or its designees for 50% of net proceeds (minimum $20.00) from retail sales after deducting the cost of printing, percentages taken by wholesalers and retailers, returns, and reserves if any; and
  10. reserve the right to terminate this AGREEMENT in whole or part at any time without notice.

In consideration of this AGREEMENT, the CONTRIBUTOR shall:

  1. receive an advance payment against future royalties in the amount of $1.00 (one U.S. dollar) and other valuable consideration;
  2. submit the WORK as three clean copies of a previously published book, and/or as a manuscript in digital formats acceptable to UP;
  3. submit all text, artwork, images, graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, etc. in formats acceptable to UP;
  4. prominently list UPís name and Web location in all press releases, interviews, mailings and other public announcements concerning the WORK; and
  5. authorize UP to collect, retain and/or disperse all funds associated with the publication of the WORK in accordance with its own established methods, subject to change at UP's discretion;
  6. be solely responsible for reporting of CONTRIBUTOR's revenues and payment of taxes owed as a result of publication of the WORK;
  7. not disclose any financial, technical or business information about UP or this AGREEMENT to others without prior written permission from UP;
  8. grant UP an interest of 50% in all rights in the WORK for the duration of this AGREEMENT;
  9. after three years from the date of public release, have the right to terminate this AGREEMENT, by submitting written notice 90 (ninety) days in advance of the requested termination date;
  10. send all notices concerning this AGREEMENT, including changes of address, to UP in writing, understanding that UP is not responsible for re-sending communications or payments in the absence of a valid address for CONTRIBUTOR.

Both parties agree that any litigation, mediation or arbitration of this AGREEMENT shall be conducted in Bloomington, Indiana, or at an alternate geographical location of UP's choice. The parties further agree that UP's total liabilities shall not under any circumstance exceed 50% of UP's net revenues from retail sales of the WORK during the term of this AGREEMENT.

This AGREEMENT does not create a partnership or joint venture between the parties, and CONTRIBUTOR shall have no authority to commit UP except as subsequently detailed in writing and signed by an authorized agent of UP.

In the event that any provision in this agreement is held invalid, void, illegal or unenforceable, it shall not effect the remaining provisions.

Both parties understand that this contract constitutes the entire AGREEMENT between the parties, and is binding upon their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. This agreement may not be modified, and supercedes all other agreements, written or oral, unless subsequently reduced to printed form and signed by both parties. The CONTRIBUTOR, by signature below, accepts all terms of this AGREEMENT, under the governing laws of the State of Indiana on the date shown.

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Important: please make archival copies of your manuscript and all other materials, and store them in a safe place before submitting materials.