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Print-on-demand book publishing for professional speakers
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A special invitation for professional public speakers...

UNLIMITED PUBLISHING LLC (UP) is a high-tech producer of quality paperback and hardcover books for professional authors and publishers. We use the latest "print-on-demand" (POD) technologies to make high quality books available in quantities as small as one copy at a time.

UP works with a variety of small presses, published authors and new writers to publish books on a diversity of subjects. But our authors who are public speakers enjoy special advantages because they have more exposure to the public.

Books published by UP are widely available to order from mainstream publishing industry outlets, including thousands of major bookstores and online booksellers. But naturally wholesalers and retailers take a big "bite" out of each retail sale -- up to 50% or more. On the other hand, when audience members request books directly from the author at live events, you bypass the middlemen and retain more income.

UP authors typically retain $6 to $9 from every book sold at a live event. Compare these earnings with royalties paid to authors by traditional publishers for an incentive to contact us.

Public speakers are often considered authorities in their fields. By virtue of publishing a quality book, they gain added credibility that makes a difference, when public and private institutions select speakers for live events.

Below are just a few examples of popular public speakers who are currently publishing with UP. Each link below will open a new window. Simply close new window to return here:

Mark Britzman
Mark J. Britzman, Ed.D., works as an Associate Professor in Counseling and Human Resource Development at South Dakota State University. Mark is also a National Trainer for the "CHARACTER COUNTS!" Initiative and conducts workshops nationally.

The Lives and Legacies of Everyday Heroes

Yehudah Fine
Known as the "Times Square Rabbi," Yehudah Fine is a regular on talk radio nationwide, and holds frequent community seminars across the U.S., helping adults and teens to better understand one another.

Times Square Rabbi:
Finding the Hope in Lost Kids' Lives

Peter Ifland
Peter Ifland, Cmdr. USNR (retired), Ph.D., is author of Taking the Stars: Celestial Navigation from Argonauts to Astronauts and a worldwide lecturer on navigation and instruments.

Line of Position Navigation

Carleton Kendrick
A nationally known family therapist who is widely quoted by major broadcast and print media, Kendrick is also a superb public speaker. His live appearances consistently garner rave reviews from educators, parents, and teens alike.

Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We're Going to Grandma's!
(With Barbara Cooke)

Dan Poynter
is widely recognized as the "godfather" of the self-publishing movement and author of more than 100 books. Poynter flies 4,000 miles each week to empower and inspire writers coast-to-coast. His workshops and seminars have been featured on CNN and he is a popular speaker at major publishing events such as Book Expo America and PMA's "Publishing University."

U-Publish.com: How 'U' Can Compete with the Giants of Publishing
(with Danny O. Snow)

Mark Tamer
Mark M. Tamer, Ph.D. conducts business symposia and workshops on communication and management throughout the world. He lives on commercial airliners and at home in Denver. "Currently, the book is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. It has helped me secure 14 workshops in 2003," he says.

Virtual Teams: Working Together Apart
(Private Printing)

UP is actively seeking books by writers who are also professional speakers. If you are a public speaker who has written a book, please contact us for more information.

The UPside:
start-up costs are minimal;
little economic risk is required;
UP provides top quality technical work;
appearance of books is surprisingly attractive;
most titles can be in circulation within four months;
broad distribution and initial promotion are included!

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