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UNLIMITED PUBLISHING LLC ("UP") has been a pioneer of new book publishing technologies since its founding in April of 2000. UP was among the earliest professional trade publishers to fully embrace "Print-on-Demand" paperback manufacturing, which was controversial at the time... but is now an established fact of life in the big league book world. UP was also an early adopter of e-Book publishing, starting well before the current e-Book boom began.

As an environmentally-friendly company, UP applauds young consumers, who appreciate the benefits of saving paper and trees, cleaner air, and conserving the energy required to print and ship paper books.

People under 30 (the next generation of readers) are inseparable from their smartphones and tablet computers like the iPad and Kindle Fire. Most report that their e-Book reading experience is more than satisfactory, including the ability to search, enlarge type, insert notes, read at night with a built-in backlight feature, and more.

Of our nearly 300 titles in print, UP already offers nearly a hundred as e-Books, with scores more expected in the year ahead. Our e-Books are available for the Kindle, the wildly popular iPad and iPhone, Mac, PC and other devices.

Click HERE for a selection of UP Kindle editions. Or click HERE to view a video of an UP book as a standalone iPhone app in action. (No audio; but please allow 60-90 seconds to load.)

e-Publishing helps UP and our authors reach more readers worldwide, including locations where it might be too slow or costly to ship a paperback. For example, please click HERE to see the listing for the definitive history of the Eiffel Tower at Amazon's e-Bookstore for France.

UP books enjoy growing readership in the UK and EU -- but even here at home, e-Book publishing is growing rapidly. Many experts predict that retail sales of e-Books in the US alone will exceed $300 MILLION PER YEAR in 2012.

As a result, UP is well positioned to serve markets for both e-Books and tree-Books, combining the advantages of cutting edge technologies with a more traditional "quality over quantity" philosophy. We are proud of our books -- whether made of paper 'n' ink, or bits 'n' bytes -- and we invite you to compare UP books with those from other book publishers, large or small, online or offline. We believe you'll find UP books equal (if not superior) to those from even the world's most well-known publishers.

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