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    The short version:

  • UP publishes mostly short nonfiction books by professional writers.
  • Writers pay no fees. Neither readers nor writers are charged inflated prices for books.
  • We are selective. Click HERE for examples.
  • We focus on tightly targeted specialty markets more than general interest bookstores and libraries.
  • UP's policies reward authors who actively publicize and market their own books.
  • Our methods are not suitable for self-publishing or vanity publishing.

    The full version:

    Unlimited Publishing LLC specializes in bringing back out-of-print books originally released by traditional publishers, and in publishing new books by professional writers. Our catalog currently includes books formerly published by many well-known book publishing imprints, including Houghton Mifflin, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, Penguin, Wiley & Sons, Yale University Press and many others.

    We prefer short nonfiction with a bare minimum of artwork and graphics, but are always interested in quality material, regardless of genre. UP functions like a traditional royalty book publisher, but uses revolutionary new print-on-demand book publishing technologies to slash the cost of getting books in print. To learn more, please follow the guidelines below:

  • New writers: please send an exceptionally clean 10 page excerpt (but NOT an entire manuscript) in Rich Text Format (a standard "Save As" option with Microsoft Word) to plus a detailed marketing plan (required), a 100 word summary of the entire book, and a 100 word biography of the author. We prefer short books with clear audiences, but will consider others, provided that the quality of the manuscript is professional and the author's marketing plan is ambitious yet realistic.

  • Published authors of out-of-print books (and literary agents): please send three CLEAN copies by post. But first, please contact us by e-mail at for to discuss advances, rights and royalties.

  • Book publishers who want to co-publish with UP to keep current titles in print as POD books or revive backlist titles: please call 800-218-8877 (best Tue-Wed-Thur from 10 AM to 2 PM Eastern time) or contact us by e-mail at to discuss.

  • Everyone: kindly read the following information carefully, before submitting a book. It's important to understand UP's production specifications, and our focus on the author's active involvement in publicity and marketing, before sending any submission!

  • UP specializes in previously published nonfiction books with clear audiences. But we are always interested in good material, regardless of genre or prior publication history. There are no "reading fees" or hidden charges of any kind. If UP isn't the best outlet for your book, we'll be happy to suggest others.

    We do NOT publish books longer than 400 pages (about 100,000 words), nor those with pop-ups, die-cuts, CD inserts, or other specialty-novelty requirements. We don't publish coffee table books that contain mostly photographs, books that are profusely illustrated, books with full-color interiors, or mass-market ("pulp") paperbacks.

    Unlike some POD book publishers, UP does not flood the market with marginal material. We release only a limited number of professional quality books each year. While UP has distribution through the largest mainstream publishing channels (chain bookstores, libraries, leading online booksellers, etc.), we always emphasize tightly-targeted niche marketing, allowing more readers to obtain books directly from the author or publisher. This approach bypasses middlemen who traditionally took substantial percentages in conventional book trade channels, limiting margins for publishers and reducing royalties for authors.

    We expect authors to be actively involved in the promotion and marketing of their own books. Each new book starts in limited advance release, available exclusively from the author at live events; the Web sites of the author, publisher and one or more of our printers; and from specialty outlets with a direct interest in the subject matter of the book. Books that prove their public appeal become eligible for national or even international release; those with more limited demand can remain available to the public direct from the author or our printer(s).

    Please read the brief overview of our exciting new Harvardwood program to better understand this unique philosophy. The policies explained there also apply to books submitted directly to UP by their authors.

    This is a realistic, market-driven, no-B.S. alternative to self-publishing that rewards authors who are serious about cultivating a meaningful audience.

    THANKS for your interest in our unique approach to book publishing, combining professional standards with the speed and economy of the latest POD and e-Book publishing technologies!

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