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Comprehensive service for the publishing professional,
including design, production, distribution & promotion!
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Unlimited Publishing provides a wide range of services for new and previously-published books, including:

  • Worldwide re-release of previously published books;
  • High-quality publication of new books;
  • Professional cover and book design;
  • Broad distribution through major book trade channels;
  • Professional, print-based news releases;
  • Competive pricing to the public and our clients;
  • Meaningful assistance in marketing and promotion.
UP produces high quality trade paperback and hardcover books, available to order from thousands of bookstores worldwide.

Although it's high-tech, the UP system is simple to use:

To bring back a previously published title, or prevent a current title from going out of print, authors and publishers need only send us three clean copies of the book. Within months, most titles can be available ot order again from thousands of major bookstores and online booksellers, without paying for a large press run, warehousing and inventory, or other major expenses traditionally associated with publishing books.

To publish a new book, simply submit a manuscript in a standard word processing format. Please see our submission guidelines for details.

UP produces trade paperbacks and hardcover books with full-color covers in three industry standard trim sizes:

  • 5.5" x 8.5"
  • 6" x 9"
  • 8.25" x 11"

    We can often adjust books of slightly different sizes to fit these dimensions, provided that the finished product is professional in appearance.

    UP assigns an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for each book under our imprint as distributing publisher, to facilitate ordering from bookstores worldwide. When appropriate, we also secure a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN).

    On publication, UP faxes up to 100 professionally-written news releases about each new book to a wide range of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, and bookstores. Our news desk interns also research online, and individually contact a broad variety of outlets about new books, including libraries, booksellers, and Web sites that focus on related subjects.

    UP books and authors have been featured by many major print and broadcast media, including NPR, ABC, CNN and Fox, print media such as The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and many other magazines and periodicals nationwide.

    Some of UP's competitors do not provide meaningful promotion at all; other charge substantial fees for comparable services.

    UP creates a unique Web page for each book, including "About the Book" and "About the Author" information, as well as links that readers can use to purchase copies from online booksellers. This gives readers a convenient way to learn more about your book and order it from the bookseller of their choice without complicated searching through catalogs listing thousands -- or millions -- of other books. This resource is also part of our standard service. Please click HERE to preview.

    There is no cost to the author to keep books in circulation in the months (or years) after publication.

    UP maintains records on all sales from bookstores and online booksellers, and shares up to 50% of net revenues from all retail sales with the author or publisher on a quarterly basis. At your option, you may also accept orders directly from readers for considerably greater earning potential. Please click HERE to review options for increasing income potential.

    Best of all, once a book is published using this system, re-printing is never necessary; most books can remain publicly available almost indefinitely, and need never go out-of-print. This allows revenues to grow year after year, with little or no additional cost to keep the book in distribution.

    Books published using our system are attractive, high quality editions with professional book design, typesetting, full-color cover art and perfect (soft) or case (hard) binding. We urge you to compare the appearance of UP books with those from our competitors. Unlike some POD imprints, quality is important to UP and we release only a limited number of new titles each year.

    If you are considering publishing elsewhere, read the fine print before you decide. Ask our competitors:

    • If I order a sample book of my choice (versus the company's) will it be of good quality?

    • Are the company's other books professional in content and appearance?

    • Are many of the company's other books covered by major news media?

    • How much do readers pay for copies of my book?

    • How much do I pay for copies I order myself?

    • Does the publisher have distribution a major wholesaler, or more than one?

    • If bookstores want to stock my book, is it available on a fully returnable basis, as is customary in the professional book trade?

    • Is a subsidy paid by the author? If so, what is the TOTAL cost (including add-ons and extras) of getting a book published?

    • How much do I earn from each sale?

    The UP system is specifically designed for the professional writer who wants to make a quality book widely available to the reading public through major book industry channels. We are confident that our services provide both better quality and better value than other POD publishing options.

    The UPside:
    start-up costs are minimal;
    little economic risk is required;
    UP provides top quality technical work;
    appearance of books is surprisingly attractive;
    most titles can be in circulation within months;
    broad distribution and initial promotion are included!

    Please click HERE to request more information.

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