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Working Title of Book:

Date of Submission:

This book publication, distribution and promotion contract (hereafter to be referred to as the "AGREEMENT") is made on the date shown above.

This AGREEMENT is by and between Unlimited Publishing LLC (hereafter called UP) and the individual named above (hereafter called "AUTHOR") for the items defined below.

In consideration of the AGREEMENT, the AUTHOR grants to UP all rights to the book referenced above (hereafter called the WORK) for a period of three years following the initial publication date, automatically renewable thereafter except as noted below.

Prior to submission of the WORK for publication, AUTHOR represents to UP that:

  1. AUTHOR has full legal power and capacity to make this AGREEMENT;
  2. AUTHOR holds full and uncontested copyright(s) to the entire WORK;
  3. AUTHOR shall submit written permission to use any material created by others if included in the WORK;
  4. the WORK does not in infringe upon any statutory or common law copyright, trademark, trade secret or intellectual property right of any other party;
  5. the WORK does not violate any right of privacy or contain any information which might be deemed privileged;
  6. the WORK does not contain any material that might be deemed libelous, unlawful, obscene, defamatory, harassing, threatening or harmful;
  7. the WORK is not vested in the public domain;
  8. the WORK is not a part of any litigation, arbitration or mediation in the past, present or foreseeable future;
  9. the WORK contains no recipe, formula or instruction that is in any way injurious or potentially injurious; and
  10. AUTHOR shall hold and save harmless UP and its officers, directors, partners, contractors, employees, agents, affiliates and/or assigns from any and all charges, accounts, obligations, implied warranties, damages and/or liabilities (real or contingent, incidental or consequential) including legal expenses on a full indemnity basis, that UP may incur from entering into this AGREEMENT.

In consideration of this AGREEMENT, UP shall:

  1. pay to AUTHOR an advance against future royalties of $1.00 (one dollar) and/or other valuable consideration, the amount of which shall not be disclosed publicly by UP or the AUTHOR;
  2. absorb all costs associated with preparation of the WORK for publication in print and/or digital formats, using service provider(s) of UP's choice;
  3. assign an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) when the WORK is ready for distribution via trade booksellers as determined by UP;
  4. apply for a Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) provided the WORK qualifies for distribution to schools and/or libraries as determined by UP;
  5. arrange for copyediting, interior and cover design using service provider(s) of UP's choice, with changes (if any) made at UP's discretion;
  6. provide AUTHOR with a galley proof for final review, and submit the completed WORK to one or more printer(s), and/or distributor(s) and/or bookseller(s) of UP's choice following shipment of the proof to AUTHOR at UP's expense;
  7. endeavor to promote the WORK, using methods which may include (but are not limited to) the following, at UP's expense: a) sending advance / review copies to prospective reviewers of UP's choice; b) advertising the WORK in print or electronic media of UP's choice; c) sending press releases to U.S. newspapers and/or magazines and/or broadcast media of UP's choice; and c) sending announcements to bookstores and/or libraries and/or Web sites, search engines, databases and catalogs of UP's choice;
  8. consult with the AUTHOR regarding the public pricing of the WORK, while retaining the right to establish or change the price and terms for buyers at UP's discretion;
  9. remit to AUTHOR a royalty payment in U.S. funds not less than 10% of cover price from retail sales or 50% of net revenues, whichever is less; and
  10. reserve the right to terminate this AGREEMENT in whole or part at any time without notice.

In consideration of this AGREEMENT, the AUTHOR shall:

  1. receive an advance of $1 (one dollar) and/or other valuable consideration, and agree not to disclose the amount of any payment(s) received from UP, nor any other financial or business information about UP or the WORK to other parties;
  2. after three years following initial publication, have the right to terminate this AGREEMENT, by submitting written notice at least 90 (ninety) days in advance of the requested termination date;
  3. submit the WORK to UP as a manuscript in digital format(s) acceptable to UP and/or its service provider(s) within 90 days of the submission date above;
  4. submit all artwork, images, photographs, charts, tables, diagrams, and other graphic elements in formats acceptable to UP and/or its service provider(s) within 90 days of the submission date above;
  5. make reasonable efforts to participate in interviews, book signings and other live events of UP's choice within 100 miles of AUTHOR's address upon request;
  6. assist UP in identifying prospective readers, reviewers, retailers and corporate or non-profit sponsors on an ongoing basis;
  7. prominently mention the name and Web location of UP and/or UP's designated distribution partners in all press releases, interviews, promotions and other public announcements concerning the WORK, as requested by UP;
  8. authorize UP to collect, retain and/or disperse all funds associated with the publication of the WORK in accordance with its own established methods, subject to change at UP's discretion; and
  9. send all notices concerning this AGREEMENT, including changes of address, in writing to P.O. Box 99, Nashville, Indiana, 47448 USA, or as otherwise requested by UP. AUTHOR understands that UP is not responsible for re-sending communications or payments in the absence of a valid address for AUTHOR.

Both parties understand that any litigation, mediation or arbitration of this AGREEMENT shall be conducted in Nashville, Indiana, or at an alternate geographic location of UP's choice. The parties further agree that UP's total liabilities shall not under any circumstance exceed 50% of UP's net profits from retail sales of the WORK during the term of this AGREEMENT.

This AGREEMENT does not create a partnership or joint venture between the parties, and AUTHOR shall have no authority to commit UP except as subsequently detailed in printed form and signed by an authorized agent of UP.

Both parties understand that this contract constitutes the entire AGREEMENT between the parties, and is binding upon their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. The parties agree that this AGREEMENT supersedes all others unless reduced to printed form and signed by both parties subsequent to the date shown below.

The AUTHOR, by signature below, accepts all terms of this AGREEMENT, under the governing laws of the State of Indiana on the date shown.

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