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by Danielle Bruckert and Oleg Roud


“The high detail photographs and in-depth explanations make it crystal clear what is required from a pilot preparing to fly,” writes Kevin Barker of World Airnews.

“I've had fun looking through your C210 book. It's a thorough piece of work, and clearly a labour of love. I've recommended it to two C210 owners already,” adds Chris Burger, author of What to do in an Aircraft Cockpit.

This manual is an essential tool for any C210 pilot. It begins with a comprehensive summary of the various models. A detailed technical section contains easy to follow, illustrated systems descriptions. The flight operations section has an illustrated walk through of the pre-flight inspection, followed by a breakdown of the expanded normal and emergency checklists from the POH, with helpful mnemonics and boldface items. Flight handling, engine handling, and airmanship tips help the unwary pilot avoid trouble. The book finishes with a performance section, containing vital guidelines and sample graphs for pre-flight planning, and a technical quiz.

This book has been compiled from Cessna maintenance manuals, Pilot's Operating Handbooks, authors' personal flight experience, and a vast number of other Cessna 210 resources, and is a great reference and training aid for all C210 pilots and instructors.


Danielle Bruckert and Oleg Roud are veteran pilots and instructors. Working full time as professional pilots, both hold Airline Transport Pilot Licenses (ATPL) with several thousand flying hours on turbine, jet and piston aircraft. They each have over a thousand hours on the Cessna 210, flown mostly out of bush strips in Africa. Although both fly more advanced aircraft, they continue to assist with training new charter pilots on the Cessna 210. Both authors hold engineering qualifications; Oleg from the Russian military, and Danielle from Auckland University of Technology. Danielle owns and operates a flight school, and Oleg owns an aircraft management company.

For more information, please visit Red Sky Ventures, where you will find books about other aircraft, and free resources for pilots.

A co-publication of Red Sky Ventures and UP, the U.S. edition is NOT yet available from bookstores! For a limited time only, it is available exclusively at this location.

Please click HERE to purchase a U.S. (only) paperback edition.
Watch for U.K.-E.U. versions, coming soon!
Please click HERE to preview or purchase a special coil bound 'lay-flat' workbook edition, ideal for flight schools or classroom use.

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