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Unlimited Publishing emphasizes three ways of getting more books to readers: retail, direct and live sales.

RETAIL sales, as discussed here, are those made through the conventional book trade: mostly bookstores and libraries. Single copies of UP books can be ordered from most major chain bookstores and leading online booksellers like Amazon.com. After percentages taken by wholesalers and retailers, UP authors earn at least $1.50 per retail sale--but much better earnings are possible, as shown below.

DIRECT sales can be made from your own Web site, by direct mail, phone or other methods. Some UP clients use third party services (discussed in the following sections) to process credit card orders and/or handle shipping of books to consumers. Others prefer to fulfill orders on their own, and retain more income. After printing and shipping costs, your earning potential is usually $3 to $6 per book from direct sales.

LIVE sales are made at events held at libraries, schools, churches, or other public locations where readers can obtain copies of books directly from the author. Naturally, these require few (if any) costs for credit card processing, packaging, postage, etc. Live sales usually give you $6 to $9 in earnings per book.

Benefits of "Non-Traditional" Markets

UP authors are never required to buy or sell books, but direct and live sales could substantially increase your revenues if you pursue them actively.

In a 1996 study, the American Booksellers Association estimated that there are nearly ten times more outlets for books than bookstores alone. In addition, specialty outlets often provide a better audience for books on related subjects. For example, a book about gardening may sell better at a tree nursery than in a bookstore, because almost all of a tree nursery's customers are interested in gardening. Finally, the tree nursery will probably pay more, pay faster, and return fewer (if any) unsold copies

Bookstores and other outlets in the conventional publishing industry expect big discounts, return unsold books, and take months to pay. "Non-traditional" outlets like a tree nursery often do not. The provide a better target audience and better terms -- but the author must take the time to "cultivate" them, if you will excuse the pun!

UP handles the traditional book trade for you, but UP authors who are serious about reaching a broad audience should actively pursue non-traditional outlets on a regular basis, to achieve better earnings and more readership. Our policies are specifically designed to support you in these efforts. Unlike POD publishers that charge the public (and authors) inflated prices for "Print on Demand" books, our goal is to make UP titles comparable to books from major publishers in content, appearance and price... yet still profitable for our publishing partners.

For example, our minimum retail price for a 175 page 6x9" trade paperback is about $12.99, versus $15 or more from other POD publishers. We also provide our clients with small quantities of books for re-sale at a deep discount, usually $6 to $9 below the already competitive public price. If you take advantage of these policies, your earnings can improve substantially.

UP recommends pursuing all three sales methods, but the choice is yours. Each method outlined above has its own benefits. You are not required to buy or sell books at any time, but we provide these options to increase your earning potential. As is usually true in life, the more time and effort you devote personally, the greater the rewards.

The Traditional Book Trade

UP sells exclusively "to the trade" (bookstores and libraries) through Ingram and/or Baker & Taylor, the world's largest wholesale distributors. We do not sell single books directly to bookstores or individual readers.

  • UP sells to distributors at a big discount, usually about 50% below cover price.

  • Distributors sell to bookstores and online retailers, at a smaller discount.

  • Retailers sell to individual consumers.

  • Retailers pay wholesalers for books sold, after deducting their percentage.

  • Wholesalers pay UP months later, after deducting printing costs and their percentage.

  • UP pays authors the following month.

    UP authors are free to bypass the middlemen and accept orders from individual readers, stores that specialize in products related to their books, clubs that focus on similar areas of interest, and many others... the possibilities are nearly endless.

    UP provides authors with extensive resources to help them promote books in both traditional and non-traditional markets, available free upon request.


    Working together, UP and its authors can offer the public a wide range of choices for ordering books:

  • From most major bookstores
  • From many online retailers
  • At the author's live events
  • From the author's Web site and UP's
  • Direct from one of our printers
  • From wholesalers that serve libraries
  • From specialty outlets whose product lines match the subject of the book
  • From other non-traditional channels

    The needs and goals of each author or publisher can be quite different. Feel free to use one or more of the options above, according to your individual situation. Whatever you decide, UP will work hard to give you a professional quality book, and effective ways to make it widely available to readers.

    The UPside:
    start-up costs are minimal;
    little economic risk is required;
    UP provides top quality technical work;
    appearance of books is surprisingly attractive;
    most titles can be in circulation within four months;
    book trade distribution and initial promotion are included!

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