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  • Another Emmy Winner Publishes with UP
  • UP Author Interviewed on NBC's TODAY Show
  • UP to Co-Publish Popular EU Translations
  • UP e-Book Hits #4 on Amazon Xmas list
  • New UP Book Garners EU Reviews
  • Columbia Law Acquires Reprint Rights
  • UP Author/Book Featured by Maria Shriver
  • Veteran Int'l Journalist Completes UP Book
  • British Publisher Launches UP Series
  • CBS-Boston to Interview UP Author
  • Harvard Law School to Host UP Author
  • Syndicated Columnist Signs with UP
  • California Writers Club Extends UP Program (UPDATED)
  • Harvardwood and UP Launch New Book Series (UPDATED)
Unlimited Publishing's reputation as the POD book publisher of choice for professional writers continues to grow. Unlike some POD publishers that flood the market with thousands of marginal books, UP is selective and focused on quality over quantity.

As a result, UP books enjoy more coverage from major news media, favorable reviews in leading professional and literary journals, revenues from subsidiary rights (excerpts, reprints, translations, etc.) and greater respectability than typical POD book publishing fare.

It's NOT a coincidence that better books by better writers achieve a wider following, as shown by documented reports below:

  • Emmy-Winning TV News Anchor Publishes with UP

    Gene Cox, author of The Burning Church is a former television news anchorman who began his career at WMAR-TV in Baltimore then moved to WWBT-TV in Richmond, Virginia. In Richmond, he enjoyed top ratings for more than 30 years. Along the way he reported from Russia, Africa, and Latin America, and won several awards, including two Emmys. Examples of additional award-winning UP authors appear below...

    Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • UP Author Interviewed on NBC's Popular TODAY Show

    Liz Ferro, author of Finish Line Feeling has been interviewed on the nation's most popular morning TV show. Please click HERE to view a video. More examples of major media coverage of UP books and authors follow... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • Hungarian Publisher Collaborates with UP

    Pongor Publishing of Budapest, Hungary, has partnered with UP to release a Hungarian-language eBook of UP's popular guide, Following Through: A Revolutionary New Model for Finishing Whatever You Start by Steve Levinson and Pete Greider. It is intended as the first of a series of translations to be published in 2015. This is the latest instance of UP's increasingly global reach in the book world. See reports below for more... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • UP e-Book Hits #4 on Kindle

    On December 25, 2012 A Kid's Christmas in Queens was ranked #4 on's list of free holiday e-Books for children, closely following such greats as 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Please click HERE for a screenshot of its Amazon ranking at the time.

    As documented in other reports below, UP is well positioned for today's e-Book boom -- and tomorrow's. And we continue to strive for new ways to help UP authors reach a worldwide audience. Keep reading for more examples... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • New UP Book Garners Int'l Reviews

    Veteran foreign correspondent Joseph Harriss' new UP book, An American Spectator in Paris is getting reviewed in both the US and EU.

    "...Well worth reading to get a better insight into the France that was, what she may become and why," writes Publishers Weekly. Please click HERE to read the full review.

    "Incisive, articulate and timely reading — this is one of the best books on France to come along in years," writes Paris Voice. Please click HERE to read the full review.

    This is the latest UP book to gain solid reviews in important US publications like Publishers Weekly, as well as growing exposure overseas. Other examples are covered in the following reports... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • Reprint Rights Sold to Columbia

    Columbia University has secured rights to reprint material from Lawyers, Law and Social Change by Steve Bachmann for use in law school classes this fall.

    Because UP is selective, our books continue to garner extra revenue and exposure from reprints, translations, film/TV options and other subsidiary rights deals. Additional reports follow below... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • Luksic Featured by Maria Shriver

    Alzheimer's advocate Kerry Luksic was highlighted on Maria Shriver's site in this month. Her story "Moving Forward with Mom and Alzheimer's" was the first in a series for this popular site. Luksic was also featured in the Rutger's University magazine article titled "Rutgers Alumna Aims to Capture the Spirit of a Mother Struggling with Alzheimer’s."

    More and more UP books and authors are gaining widespread public exposure in 2012. Don't take our word for it; see the following examples for proof... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • American Spectator Bureau Chief Publishes with UP

    Veteran international journalist Joseph Harriss, Paris Bureau Chief of The American Spectator magazine, has completed his new book, An American Spectator in Paris. It is due out from UP in late 2012, with a Foreword by Editor-in-Chief, R. Emmett Tyrrell, a leading voice in US political circles. Harriss is also author of the beautiful UP book The Tallest Tower, widely considered the definitive history of the Eiffel Tower. "An interesting story, interestingly told, and as such it is welcome," wrote The New York Times.

    In recent years, more and more respected journalists, scholars, experts and public speakers are publishing with UP. Additional cases are reported below... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • Genge Press Launches Series with UP

    UP is pleased to co-publish U.S. editions of scholarly books with Genge Press of Minehead, Somerset, England. The editor, Sue Lloyd, is known for her work on the 1982 edition of Roget's Thesaurus for Longman, which became a world best-seller. A Penguin edition followed, along with contributions to dictionaries and other wordbooks.

    This series is the latest in a growing number of collaborations between UP and smaller publishers worldwide, as well as books published in cooperation with educational and charitable institutions such as the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition; the Alzheimers Association, Delaware Valley Chapter; Harvardwood Publishing; and the national Carcinoid Cancer Foundation.

    Our focus on quality over quantity, and our support of worthy causes, give UP books greater respectability and visibility than those from many competitors. More examples are documented below... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • Alzheimer's Advocate on CBS-Boston

    Alzheimer's advocate Kerry Luksic will be interviewed on The Jordon Rich Show in March. Her book Life Lessons from a Baker's Dozen: 1 Mother, 13 Children, and their Journey to Peace with Alzheimer's will soon appear as a special edition to benefit the Alzheimer's Association, Delaware Valley Chapter. Her guest column "America at a Crossroads with Alzheimer's" appeared in the New Jersey Star-Ledger on March 12.

    UP is proud to publish more and more books that support progressive causes, and gain exposure in major media. Additional reports appear below... Or skip items below and see IMPORTANT OVERVIEW following...

  • Bachmann to Join HLS Panel

    Widely-published activist attorney Steve Bachmann, author of five UP books, will appear on a panel at Harvard Law School on March 16. His book Lawyers, Law and Social Change has recently been updated and expanded by UP to coincide with the event.

    UP continues to attract more and more established writers, experts and public speakers who want to harness the latest book publishing technologies in print and online.


    The items above clearly demonstrate UP's success in developing a hybrid of new technologies and proven publishing practices. We combine new manufacturing and distribution methods while remaining selective about the content and appearance of our books, like a more traditional publisher.

    These factors give UP books significant advantages in the marketplace, compared to competitors. Our goal is achieve the best of both worlds: the speed and economy of POD, combined with the kind of quality and public exposure of books more typical of larger, mainstream publishers.

    As a result, UP books are gaining more and more exposure from mainstream news media, major publishing industry channels, and of course, from the public. Yet UP is still a young company, founded in 2000. Please stay tuned; the best news is yet to come!

    Click HERE for additional coverage of UP books by The New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, TIME Magazine, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Good Morning America, The New Republic, Scientific American, Psychology Today and many other major media.

    Special congratulations to:

    Steve Levinson and Pete Greider, authors of
    Following Through
    Pongor Publishing of Hungary has secured translation rights to this popular book, for a minimum printing of 3,000 copies in 2011. More and more UP books are gaining international attention, increasing revenues for our company and its authors.

    Rod Nichols, author of
    Twelve Power Secrets of Network Marketing Success
    This book was released by UP as a POD paperback in March 2008. Life Success Media of Insbruck, Austria, subsequently bought the right to translate it to German. UP and the author will share a generous advance on an initial printing of 3,000 copies.

    Benny Mares, author of
    Child Safety 101
    First edition released by UP as a POD paperback in March 2004. Translation rights sold to Business Sha, a leading Japanese publisher, in 2006. The author and UP shared a substantial advance for an initial printing of 7,000 copies, with an option for additional printings up to 20,000 units and royalties as high as 8%.

    Edith Ankersmit Kemp and Jerrold E. Kemp, authors of
    Older Couples: New Couplings
    First edition released by UP as a POD paperback in May 2001. Rights subsequently acquired by Ten Speed Press, and now distributed in the U.S. by Celestial Arts, in Canada by Ten Speed Canada, in the U.K. by Airlift Books, in South Africa by Real Books, in New Zealand by Southern Publishers Group, in Southeast Asia by Berkeley Books, and in Australia by Simon & Schuster Australia.

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