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We're sorry, but you have requested material intended exclusively for the private use of UP authors, material which is out-of-print, or has moved to a new location.

If you believe that you have received this message in error, please feel free to e-mail with the title of the book in question, and your daytime telephone number.


Special congratulations to:

Steve Levinson and Pete Greider, authors of
Following Through
Pongor Publishing of Hungary has secured translation rights to this popular book, for a minimum printing of 3,000 copies in 2011. More and more UP books are gaining international attention, increasing revenues for our company and its authors.

Rod Nichols, author of
Twelve Power Secrets of Network Marketing Success
This book was released by UP as a POD paperback in March 2008. Life Success Media of Insbruck, Austria, subsequently bought the right to translate it to German. UP and the author will share a generous advance on an initial printing of 3,000 copies.

Benny Mares, author of
Child Safety 101
First edition released by UP as a POD paperback in March 2004. Translation rights sold to Business Sha, a leading Japanese publisher, in 2006. The author and UP shared a substantial advance for an initial printing of 7,000 copies, with an option for additional printings up to 20,000 units and royalties as high as 8%.

Edith Ankersmit Kemp and Jerrold E. Kemp, authors of
Older Couples: New Couplings
First edition released by UP as a POD paperback in May 2001. Rights subsequently acquired by Ten Speed Press, and distributed in the U.S. by Celestial Arts, in Canada by Ten Speed Canada, in the U.K. by Airlift Books, in South Africa by Real Books, in New Zealand by Southern Publishers Group, in Southeast Asia by Berkeley Books, and in Australia by Simon & Schuster Australia.

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