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COLLECTIBLE MEALS: Real Menus from History and Hollywood
by Rob DiSilvestre


What are “Collectible Meals?” They’re real menus of meals enjoyed by rich, famous (or infamous) and influential figures throughout history, which you can recreate in your own home for a fun and educational dining experience.

Welcome to the exciting Collectible Meals Library ( series. This collection features stories of menus from the first Thanksgiving to the last meal of Timothy McVeigh. Menus from Hollywood legends such as Marilyn Monroe, Julia Roberts and Halle Berry are featured. From wartime meals with FDR and Winston Churchill to grand State occasions with Presidents Reagan, Kennedy and many others, the Collectible Meals books offer a story, and a menu, to suit any occasion. Recreating a famous meal is a fun, accessible way to share a moment in history. It is inexpensive, authentic, verifiable and available to everyone. This is a book filled with historic menus and the exciting stories surrounding the meals.

POD book publishing for professional writers


Rob DiSilvestre began assembling his unique menu collection in 1999. Today he owns what is believed to be the largest library of collectible meals ( in the world. Mr. DiSilvestre is a former telecommunications executive turned freelance writer and author. He lives in South Carolina with his wife and two children.

Bookstores may order both paperback and hardback editions of both titles from Replica Books, a division of Baker and Taylor.

Readers may click on a link below to order a paperbacks directly from one of our printers:

Please click HERE to preview or order a paperback edition of Volume I.
Please click HERE to preview or order a paperback edition of Volume II.


As interviewed exclusively in Collectible Meals II, singer-actor Harry David Snow (wearing kilt in center of stage) bends to shake hands with President Kennedy and other dignitaries at the White House on March 27, 1963. The occasion was a State dinner for King Hassan II of Morocco, followed by a command performance of excerpts from the Broadway revival of the musical Brigadoon. Photo credit: Robert Knudsen, White House/John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston.

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