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Child Safety 101
by Benny Mares
(Foreword by Chuck Whitlock)

"One the huge obstacles to child safety is the fear inherent in parents. CHILD SAFETY 101 is a perfect vehicle to overcome this formidable obstacle. I recommend this modern approach to child safety to parents who are having difficulty getting their arms around this important issue." -- Mark Klass, Klaas Kids Foundation

ABOUT THE BOOK: "Child Safety Is Every Parent's #1 Priority!" Is your child a potential victim? Benny Mares is a retired Los Angeles Police officer and former international celebrity bodyguard. In this book he draws from his experiences in protecting others to relate more than 101 straightforward safety tips to assist parents in educating their children about the dangers of child molesters, abductors, and pedophiles.

Child Safety 101 has also been published in Japan by Business Sha, with an initial press run of 8,000 copies. It has also been selected as a workbook for Carlie's Crusade, a national nonprofit dedicated to abduction prevention. The author has been a guest on the nationally-syndicated "Ask Heloise" radio show, as well as scores of local and regional broadcasts.

This updated 2010 edition is NOT yet available from bookstores!

Click on a link below to order a copy directly from one of our printers.

Please click HERE to order a paperback edition.

Please click HERE to purchase a premium hardback edition, not available from bookstores.

Please click HERE to download an affordable e-Book edition for the iPad or iPhone.

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