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by Jack Magestro

Special mass market trilogy edition: get all three books at one special price!


"…Humor and optimism in the spirit of Herriot”
-- Five-Star Reader Reviews

REDSTRIPE AND OTHER DACHSHUND TALES is a tail-wagging treat for anyone who has ever been "owned" by a Dachshund or other four-legged friend. It was followed by the sequel ANOTHER REDSTRIPE PLEASE! and the "three-quel," REDSTRIPE'S INN, all by the hapless human author, Jack Magestro. In all three books, the hounds and not the humans are in charge. The Dachshund trio of Redstripe, Paris and Belle creates a canine chorus of comedy, always with an outcome that will make you bark with amusement!

Over the years, the REDSTRIPE books have developed a kind of cult following, mostly among "Doxiholics" but also including readers who simply love dogs and other critters -- or just an amusing "tail" told by a masterful writer. Now, for the first time, all three REDSTRIPE books are included in this single omnibus volume, containing the entire trilogy within one cover. We hope that you too will rate Magestro's stories "Two Paws Up," like thousands of previous readers across the nation and around the world!


The late Jack Magestro left careers in teaching, educational administration and Information Technology to write. Until 2009, he lived in Wisconsin with his wife Jill, where they were owned by a Dachshund named Belle. Over the last decades, his experiences as a frequent traveler to many of the seldom-visited reaches of the Caribbean formed much of the background for his stories. Blending his love for his little dog and his fascination with the islands, he painted a special picture full of warmth and colorful humor in his books. Jack, Jill and Belle have all left us, but their kind spirits will survive for generations in these classic tales, a fitting legacy for those who loved making others smile, and the pets who helped them.

Please click HERE to preview the first book in the series in a new window, courtesy of Google Book Search.

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Volume I: Redstripe and Other Dachshund Tales

Volume II: Another Redstripe, Please!

Volume III: Redstripe's Inn

Please click HERE to get all three books in a single volume at one special price!

Please click HERE to order a premium hardback edition of the trilogy.

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