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Life Lessons from a Bakerís Dozen:
1 Mother, 13 Children, and their Journey to Peace with Alzheimerís

by Kerry Luksic

Special Advance Release, not yet available from bookstores!


While growing up in an Irish Catholic family of fifteen, life was often chaotic for young Kerry Lonergan. Yet through it all, her mother was the source of calmness, juggling everyday living with the patience of a saint and the efficiency of an engineer. Full of humor, drama, and inspiring pearls of wisdom, this story is a tribute to Bobbie Lonergan, an amazing mother who raised thirteen children and who now struggles with Alzheimer's disease. The story begins with Kerry's heartbreaking question, "How can I ever accept the fact that my mother no longer knows who I am?" Kerry finds the answer through a trip down memory lane that brings laughter, tears, and a personal journey that challenges her faith, but leads her back to her mother's most powerful life lesson.

The book also contains a highly useful resources section for anyone whose life has been affected by Alzheimer's disease. It includes Alzheimer's statistics, information about support groups, online resources, and advocacy. These resources are regularly updated and expanded at the authors Web site.

Ten percent of the author's royalties earned from the sale of each paperback will be donated to Alzheimer's research and support programs.


Kerry Lonergan Luksic is a mother, a writer and an Alzheimer's advocate. Her articles have been published in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Newark Star Ledger, and Parents Express. Kerry is a member of the International Women's Writing Guild and lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with her husband and daughters. Visit Kerry at, where you may reserve an autographed advance release paperback and find regularly updated free resources and news about Alzheimer's.

Where to Find this Book:

Please visit for updates on Alzheimer's research, autographed copies, live events and more.

Please click HERE or HERE to preview or order an advance copy directly from one of the printers used by our company to prepare new books for publication.

Please click HERE to preview or order a sturdy casebound hardback copy.

Please click HERE to preview or order a premium dustjacket hardback copy.

For a limited time only, please click HERE for a special edition paperback to benefit Alzheimer's Association, Delaware Valley Chapter, with foreword by Claire Day. A portion of the proceeds from each order of the special edition will be earmarked by the publisher to support the programs and activities of the Alzheimer's Association.

Also available: affordable e-Book edition for Kindle, Kindle-for-iPad and other devices! Click HERE for details. Amazon Prime members may borrow this e-Book for free.

June 2012: #7 Alzheimer's Book on Kindle

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