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by Mark Leonard

Special Advance Release, not yet available from bookstores! This promising new book is available exclusively at this location, for a limited time only!


Counting Kennedys is the story of a fictional attempt on Bobby Kennedy’s life during the Indiana primary in 1968. It is the story of eighteen-year-old Seth McKee, a small town Hoosier newspaper reporter. His paper’s editor is a Klansman. His father sets off car bombs for The Teamsters. His roommate’s uncle is a corrupt journalist with mob and CIA connections. So when Robert Kennedy does a campaign swing through his hometown, Seth becomes the center of rumors about assassination plots and counterplots. Then the dynamic senator himself (RFK as action hero) enlists him to tackle the bad guys head-on.


“Leonard has a fine ear for dialogue and description, and a self-mocking humor…” writes Newsweek journalist Karl Fleming.

Mark Leonard’s first novel, Tin Soldiers (Zumaya Press, 2006), garnered widespread critical acclaim. He has directed or produced more than fifty stage plays across the country. He also served as executive producer for Lost Armadillo / D’art Productions in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, for fifteen years. His credits include Dramatic Director for the PBS television special, John Henry Faulk: The Man Who Beat the Blacklist. As a playwright, he has received many regional and national honors, including the Roger L. Stevens Award from The President’s Commission on the Arts & Humanities and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

This special advance release is NOT yet available from bookstores.

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