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A HEAVEN-BACKED REBELLION: Uncovering the Political Vision of Christian Liberals
by Colin Kerr


"I can recommend A Heaven-Backed Rebellion to all who believe that Christianity isn't just for Republicans," writes Will Moredock of the Charleston City Paper.

"I once held hope that people of different politics and religion would have the eyes to see a common good that was worth pursuing together. There was no shortage of people who gave this notion lip service but my optimism waned as the "progressive" way too often digressed into the same old stereotypes, empty sound-bites, and personal agendas. Colin Kerr's A Heaven-Backed Rebellion inspired within me a renewed hopefulness that there is a way forward for conservatives and liberals to work together as instruments of peace, justice, compassion and empowerment in our world. Colin's book has taken a monumental step forward by removing the obstacles that typically hinder people of different views to converse, think, and act together in constructive ways. I would feel just as comfortable giving the book to a Christian pastor as I would an Atheist activist, and people spanning the whole political spectrum. In a time when combining politics and faith is akin to pouring gasoline on fire, A Heaven-Backed Rebellion presents faith as a foundation for cultivating wide-spread political consensus and a will for tackling the greatest challenges of our day," adds Jim Palmer, author of Divine Nobodies and Wide Open Spaces.

In the most unique political commentary this side of the Reagan Revolution, a young evangelical writes from the 'Holy City' of Charleston, South Carolina. As equally devout as he is disillusioned with the politics of the Religious Right and the Secular Left, Colin Kerr comprehensively explores an emerging political philosophy that firmly roots itself in Scripture and in the example of the early Church.

By way of unadorned reason, scriptures, and the occasional irreverent observation, Kerr builds the contrarian's case that theologically conservative Christians should actually be political liberals while the typically Christo-phobic Left must reinstall an explicitly Christ-centered engine to the progressive movement.

For anyone still around with an open mind and heart, A Heaven-Backed Rebellion churns out a strikingly original, uniquely clear, and surprisingly humorous approach to holistic Biblical politics that seeks to reclaim even the very term of liberal for Christ.


Colin Kerr serves as director of Christian education at a traditional yet growing 200 year-old church in Charleston, South Carolina, where he is also the founder of Holy City Consulting and host of his city's most popular philosophical forum, "Talks on Tap." He is also the author ofGuerilla Missions for the College Christian.

This fascinating book is available at Amazon, or simply click HERE to order directly from one of our printers.

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