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BLIND BY CHOICE: An American Man Learns the Thai Way of Life
by Suchada Kailey

Special Advance Release, not yet available from bookstores!


Thailand, "The Land of Smiles," is a naturally blessed country that attracts people from around the world. Thais are hospitable people, very friendly to foreigners, and invariably quick with a smile. Yet, bridging a cross-cultural gap is not an easy journey. Insight into Thai and Western attitudes is the key to successful relationships. Regardless of differences, many Western men wish to break cultural barriers with Thai women. This is the story of one man's introduction to the Thai way of life, both in Thailand and America. Readers will not only enjoy the engaging plot and characters, but also learn about Thai words and phrases, fantastic Thai cuisine, Thai customs and beliefs… and what it’s like for a Western man to become involved with a Thai woman. Please visit to learn more, or obtain an autographed copy!


Born four years after the World War II ended in Bangkok, Thailand , Suchada "Sue" Kailey moved to the United States. After relocating to Texas, she received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville. Sue is familiar with both Western and Eastern culture. Helping her clients cross language and cultural barriers is the most challenging thing in Sue’s career as an interpreter and translator. Sue is also a writer and a freelance translator for Thai publishers in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is her debut novel.

Please visit to request an autographed copy.

Please click HERE to preview or order an English language paperback directly from one of our printers for $14.99.

Please click HERE to order a Thai language paperback directly from one of our printers for $14.99.

Please click HERE to download an affordable Thai language e-Book for $4.99.

Please click HERE to request an affordable English language e-Book for $4.99.

Bonus Bundle: please send $17.99 to via Paypal to get BOTH a paperback and a PDF e-Book. (Or contact us to order by mail.) Kindly include your postal address and e-mail address, and specify your choice of language. Includes free shipping for the paperback.

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