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by Alex J. Ferguson


What if dreams do come true? Dan Shoe, a thirty-something Midwesterner, awakens one night having dreamed the exact year and day of his death: May 5, 2027. His newfound ability leads him on a quest to explain how and why he dreams and envisions events and otherworldly images--events and images that one-by-one unfold correctly, leading up to the fateful day he once dreamed. Danís journey begins with dreams and visions of the future, leads into the tangled webs of life, transcends into enlightenment, and ends with the afterlife, culminating in an otherworldly blizzard of events on May 5, 2027.


Alex Ferguson is a Midwestern writer who moves readers with a mix of small-town wit and dramatic flair. He is a business owner, freelance writer, father, and husband based in Illinois. His background is in journalism and professional writing; heís written as a columnist and sports reporter for several Illinois newspapers, covering diverse topics from county fishing reports to National Championship bowling tournaments. Most recently he wrote a series of popular community columns for the Chronicle News Group. This is his first novel.


"Life Cycle gives the reader food for thought. What makes a man successful? It also reminds us that many of the things we fixate about on a daily basis really arenít that important in the big picture. Love, friendship, and making a difference in some small way, these are what truly count." -- TMC Reviews

"Dream beyond the ordinary...Get ready for a 'deep' read..." -- Buzz News

"Imagine if dreams could become reality..." -- Midweek News

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Readers can soon click HERE to preview or order directly from one of our printers.

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