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by Leo J. DuLac

Special Advance Release, not yet available from bookstores!


This is a handy, no-nonsense, profusely illustrated guide that shows the reader the most cost-effective methods for building durable, fireproof homes. Originally published by McGraw Hill in 1995, the new second edition from Unlimited Publishing LLC has been updated and expanded for the 21st century. Please don't settle for an outdated edition!

With lumber prices going through the roof, homebuilders and owners alike are grasping for alternatives to lumber. A real eye-opener for residential contractors and architects, this comprehensive handbook is brimming with information you can use to evaluate and apply fireproof homebuilding techniques.

Includes a treasure trove of details on: new technologies for construction; techniques for building durable homes; brick and brick veneer; Adobe walls; steel-stud walls; concrete roofs; two-inch fireproof partitions; tilt-up concrete construction; stucco roofs; tile roofs; hard-to-find for outlets for fireproof homebuilding tools and materials; case histories of fire-damage remodeling and preventive measures, and much more!


Leo J. Du Lac, a licensed contractor and veteran restorer of fire-damaged buildings, tells you everything you need to know about the various types of fireproof materials used in residential construction. After learning and discussing the advantages of fireproof homebuilding during his travels to Europe, (where they build only fireproof), coupled with his experience in fire restoration in the United States, Leo became a strong advocate of building fireproof. He built his own house without a single stick of wood and was compelled to write this book.

Special advance release. Broad public availabiity is expected later this year.

Early adopters: please click HERE to order an advance copy directly from one of the printing companies used by UP to preview new releases.

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