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by Andrew Dawber


Mark Bradley is a graduate structural engineer, high on qualifications, low on experience. He sets to work on his first construction site, to help control the building of Miltonshire Councilís new offices and make his first mark on the world. From day one the site is fraught with difficulties and the problems are set to multiply when a cockney ex-con has the site lined up for a protection racket. But there is a deeper problem that everyone has missed and it is about to have disastrous consequences. Who will carry the blame when it all goes wrong? Not Teflon coated Harvey, the man in charge, nor the politicians at the council. They have their own political agenda. That just leaves Mark. He must expose the truth, escape death from the racketeers and find himself a good woman before the site is complete.


Andrew Dawber is one of about a thousand Dawbers worldwide. Like most Dawbers he was born in Wigan, in the North West of England. He graduated from the University of Sheffield in 1986 with a degree in Civil and Structural Engineering and went on to work for a number of companies within the construction industry. In 1998 he became a Chartered Structural Engineer. He now lives in Burton upon Trent and runs his own company designing steel structures for buildings. These include supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, warehouses, high rise offices, schools and even the odd mosque, but strangely never a council office.

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