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POD book publishing for professional writers

The Redwood Branch of the California Writers Club (CWCR) is co-publishing an exciting new line of books with UP in 2008. The "Redwood Writers" series will showcase the work of northern California authors in a variety of genres.

Redwood Writers is one of 17 branches of the California Writers Club, the nation’s oldest professional club for authors, founded in 1909. Early members included Jack London, George Sterling, John Muir, Joaquin Miller and the first California poet laureate, Ina Coolbrith. The Club has more than 1,100 members statewide. The Redwood Branch serves writers in the wine country of Sonoma County.

In today’s world, a growing number of writers are using new technologies like “Print on Demand” to publish their own books, rather than fight an uphill battle getting published by traditional book publishing houses. However, authors who self-publish are often charged substantial fees by service providers, or spend many hours juggling complex computer operations to prepare books for publication on their own.

The new series from CWCR and UP combines the best of both worlds, allowing writers to get published without paying fees of any kind, while avoiding daunting technical hassles frequently faced by self-publishing authors who try the "Do It Yourself" approach to book publishing. At the same time, their books are released with the backing of a well-known umbrella group for professional writers and an established trade publisher.

Each new book starts in limited advance release, as a paperback available to order exclusively from the Web sites of UP and its printer(s), CWCR and its authors. Those that demonstrate meaningful public demand become eligible for broader distribution through additional printers and wholesalers that supply mainstream booksellers. The most popular can even become eligible for in-store stocking by bookstores, coast-to-coast.

This innovative approach gives new books and their authors a fair chance to prove their public appeal in real life, without falling prey to vanity presses... or needing a degree in computer science! Realistic and market-driven, it gives authors the dignity of getting their books in print with a "real" book publisher, and rewards those who most actively promote and market their books.

This exciting new program is available exclusively to members of the California Writers Club, Redwood Branch. Unlike vanity publishing, "Do It Yourself" online publishing services, or other options that are currently available to authors, the Redwood Writers series could rapidly become a powerful new model for writing groups across the nation and around the world!

Early examples appear below, alphabetically by author. Future releases will be featured at the Redwood Writers Web site as they become publicly available:

POD book publishing for professional writers

Vintage Voices: Words Poured Out
Karen Bachelor, Ed.


A co-publication of Redwood Writers and Unlimited Publishing LLC, this is the fifth annual anthology published by Redwood Writers. Redwood Writers is a branch of the California Writers Club, a 100-year-old non-profit with founding fathers who include Jack London and John Muir.

We are proud to present this remarkable new collection of work by its members: a full-bodied celebration of the written word. Each piece has a distinctive taste, but like wine, they can be bold, strong, light, bitter or sweet. The stories are whimsical, thought provoking, alarming, touching and sincere. The words on these pages will intoxicate your senses, tickle your taste buds, and have you wanting another sample. The selections are short, which allows you to enjoy one or more at a time. Like a good glass of wine, we recommend you sip slowly and savor.

For a limited time only, readers may preview or order an advance copy directly from one of our printers:

Please click HERE or HERE to order a paperback edition, not yet available from bookstores.

POD book publishing for professional writers

The Meaning of Water
by Marianne Ware

Not available from bookstores or online booksellers. This book is available directly from one of UP's printers.


This collection of stories by Marianne Ware runs the gamut from intense childhood experiences to contemporary satire aimed at genealogists, would-be poetry contest winners and Vegan dietary diehards. The title piece tells of a young girl who becomes a veritable “wild child,” exploring the rough and idyllic terrain of the camp her parents manage in upstate New York. Then a city boy visits the camp and convinces her to introduce him to her secret haunts and teach him all she knows about the natural world, especially bodies of water. Unfortunately, he betrays both her generosity and her trust. Other stories explore the nature and origins of sexual guilt and the mind and heart of a vicarious mother. The most controversial piece probes the guilt or innocence of a young man accused of molesting the daughters of his older woman lover. The protagonist tells the story in his poor, white, “Okie” vernacular, leaving the reader to decide if his rationale offers irrefutable proof of his guilt or innocence.


The late Marianne Ware retired from teaching English and Creative Writing at Santa Rosa Junior College. She received her MFA degree from Vermont College in 1984 and began a twenty-year teaching career at SRJC. She was a founder of the Russian River Writers’ Guild and fostered its twenty-five-year-long reading series, the first literary venue in Sonoma County. She published poetry, fiction and non-fiction in more than a hundred literary magazines, anthologies and tabloids.

This special edition is NOT yet available in bookstores, or from other online booksellers!

Click on a link below to order a copy directly from one of our printers. A new window will open with your selection already in the shopping cart.

Please click HERE to order a paperback or premium hardback edition.

POD book publishing for professional writers

by Ann Wilkes

Now available from Amazon, download for the iPhone and iPad, or direct from UP's printers!


Beautiful Aranna Navna plans to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time. She steals the Awesome Lavratt, a mind control device, from a freighter in Horace Whistlestop’s junkyard. She takes Horace, too. With the Lavratt, Aranna manipulates the thoughts and desires of everyone around her-until she gets to the Emperor of Calistania. Then things go from bad to worse for Aranna. The Lavratt, however, has only just begun! Oh, the fun you can have from a small cube with mind control powers. Travel the galaxy with Tyrantz Lavratt. Silly science fiction at its best. All puns intended.


If Ann Wilkes’ alien worlds don’t hook you, her sense of humor will. She has a unique voice that draws the reader into alien realms of danger, intrigue and rollicking adventure. Her science fiction stories have appeared in several online magazines and two print anthologies. She’s finishing a SF novel, Under the Suns of Sarshan, which is a first contact story with a twist. Wilkes lives in California’s Wine Country, with her husband, Patrick and son, Daniel. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, walk and dance. Visit her at

Click on a link below to order a paperback, hardback or e-Book:

Please click HERE to preview or order today!

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