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Memoir of a Nursing Home Wife
Marion Deutsche Cohen


“From 1993 to 2003 my husband Jeff had a suction tube a few feet from his bed…” So begins this memoir of spousal chronic illness after nursing-home placement, the long awaited sequel to DIRTY DETAILS (Temple University Press), the controversial book about chronic illness before nursing-home placement. In STILL THE END, the illness progresses to eating via feeding-tube to cognitive loss, resulting in verbal / financial abuse. The author argues that society’s attitudes and policies need changing, specifically concerning subtle dementia. In this sequel, Marion navigates other journeys: writing, publishing, new mathprof position, and the mental illness of one of the children. Her personality, interests, achievements, and activism resonate with insistence on being responsible — not only toward spouse, but children, friends, students, readers… and self.


Marion Deutsche Cohen is the author of 20 books, including the forthcoming poetry chapbook, “Parables for a Rainy Day” (Green Fuse Press); and “Crossing the Equal Sign” (Plain View Press), poetry about the experience of mathematics. She received her math Ph.D. from Wesleyan Unversity (Connecticut), and teaches math and writing at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA, where she developed the course, “Truth and Beauty: Mathematics in Literature.” Other interests are classical piano, singing, Scrabble, thrift-shopping, four grown children, and three grands.

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