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Now Available:
by Emmy Winner, Gene Cox


This colorful, unvarnished memoir by a veteran TV news anchorman reveals candid details of the faith and behavior that characterized life in the home of a fundamentalist Baptist preacher, circa 1940-1960. Set in several small towns in Appalachia where Reverend Truett Cox struggled to lead sinners to Christianity, it’s told by the preacher’s middle son Gene, who was what they called a “black sheep” in those days.

The stories related are true. They explain how life at that time and place was largely driven by faith. In subsequent years, the author’s outward world expanded greatly from such humble beginnings… but he writes that while his life didn’t quite come full circle, “it was close.”


Gene Cox is a former television news anchorman who began his career at WMAR-TV in Baltimore then in 1978 moved to WWBT-TV in Richmond, Virginia. In Richmond, he enjoyed top ratings for more than 30 years. Along the way he reported from Russia, Africa, and Latin America, and won several awards, including two Emmys.

After leaving Appalachia, Gene married, raised two sons, published four books and for the most part stayed out of trouble. Retired now, he spends his time writing for various publications and participating in social media. He calls this memoir the most reflective work of his life.

Please click HERE for an interview with the author broadcast by Action 19 News, Cleveland.

Please click HERE to request an AUTOGRAPHED copy directly from the author.

Or click HERE for the US trade paperback.

UK and EU readers: please click HERE for a copy printed in Europe, with faster delivery and lower shipping costs than those above. (Also available from Amazon in most EU nations.)

Affordable e-Book editions for Kindle, Kindle-for-iPad, Mac, PC and a variety of smartphones and tablets. (Visit Amazon for details.)

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