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The True Story of How the Internet Killed My Career as a Newspaper Reporter

by "Alex Burk"

Special Advance Release, not yet available from bookstores!


This true story walks the reader through the journalism career of “Alex Burk” – from her idealistic childhood dream of becoming a reporter, to her career as a young working journalist, and finally to the disappointing, abrupt ending of her work due to sweeping changes in the news industry at the dawn of the Digital Age.

The reader will find humor as well as shocking, true details about the demise of the (print) newspaper industry and lowering of standards in the journalism field, which ultimately prompted her to leave a job she loved. This memoir shows how technology impacted the career of one reporter and takes a hard, inside look at how changes in newsroom operations are harming the public as a whole.


“Alex Burk” is an award-winning journalist who worked in the journalism field for 10 years before writing this hard-hitting book. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in communications. Alex lives in rural America with her husband and two children. She continues to write regularly, as she explores other work in communications.

Where to Find this Book:

Please visit for background, updates, insider news and more.

Reviewers and reporters only: please RIGHT-click HERE to download a preview. (PDF, 600k)

General readers: please click HERE or HERE to preview or order an advance copy directly from one of the printers used by our company to prepare new books for publication.

Click HERE to preview or order an affordable e-Book edition for Kindle, Kindle-for-iPad and other devices! Amazon Prime members may borrow the e-Book for free.

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