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Pursuing the Good Life
by Mark J. Britzman, Ed.D.


"Mark Britzman has done a masterful job of synthesizing the essential principles and attributes of a good life. He reminds us of what really matters and adds insights that give us a better perspective on our priorities." - Michael S. Josephson, founder and president of the Josephson Institute of Ethics and the CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition


Dr. Mark J. Britzman is a licensed psychologist and clinical mental health counselor. He is also a tenured professor in the Counseling and Human Resource Development Department at South Dakota State University and a national trainer for the Josephson Institute of Ethics, founder of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Initiative.

Mark was chosen as a William Glasser Scholar and is currently receiving advanced training and supervision in Choice Theory.

Markís greatest professional satisfaction comes from facilitating his graduate studentsí professional development so they can find meaningful employment, conducting character development certification seminars across the United States and beyond, continuing to expand a successful pre-marital program that has served more than a thousand couples, and successfully working with colleagues to secure more than one million dollars of grant money for innovative educational programs. He recently received the South Dakota Counseling Associationís highest award for service to his field and the Outstanding Teaching and Research Award in the College of Education and Counseling at South Dakota State University.

Most importantly, however, Mark strives to practice what he preaches and realizes that life is much harder than a typical self-help book would suggest. His ultimate goal is to be a good husband and father and strive to pursue a good life and leave a legacy that will make the world a slightly better place.

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Dr. Britzman is also the author of the highly inspirational book titled The Lives and Legacies of Everyday Heroes, also published by Unlimited Publishing LLC. "This inspiring book does what our society is too often unwilling, or unable, to do: celebrate the lives of people who care enough to make a difference quietly," said Senator Tom Daschle (D-South Dakota).
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