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THE BIBLE from Cover to Cover
by Prof. Peter J. Brancazio


"Peter Brancazio’s The Bible from Cover to Cover is an exacting and comprehensive journey of shared discovery. Guided by a scholar-teacher of science and religion, the reader is introduced to many of the thorniest moral and ethical issues of centuries of Judeo-Christian thought. Written for believers and non-believers alike, Brancazio creates a compelling, no-nonsense narrative. Supplemented by recent biblical scholarship and contemporary scientific and literary analysis, this detailed interpretation provides multiple perspectives from which to pursue an intelligent 21st Century appreciation of the Bible." -- Joseph G. Flynn, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Department of English and Humanities, SUNY - Alfred

"Dr. Peter Brancazio teaches The Bible from Cover to Cover at Long Island University where he thoroughly amazes and delights students with his fascinating insights and in-depth knowledge. After much encouragement from those who love his courses, Peter has finally put everything into a book. A ”must-read” for open-minded individuals who desire to see the Bible through new eyes, this volume not only contains well-researched and organized information, it also adds a good dose of wit and wisdom to the mix. A great addition to anyone’s library, religious or not!" -- Dr. Kay Sato, Director, The Hutton House Lectures, C. W. Post/Long Island University

This book is a comprehensive guide to the Bible and to the little-known world of critical Bible scholarship - a discipline in which theologians, historians, and archaeologists are exploring the Bible as a great work of ancient literature rather than as infallible divine revelation. This book is written for anyone who is open to an objective, surprising, and often unsettling look at the origins, history, authorship, and historical reliability of the Bible.


During a long and distinguished career at Brooklyn College, Professor Brancazio taught physics, astronomy, and an award-winning course on science and religion. After his retirement, he embarked on an intensive study of the literature on the origins, history, and archaeology of the Bible. Since 1998 he has been teaching a series of adult education courses on the Bible and critical Bible scholarship. The Bible from Cover to Cover represents his effort to put the content of these courses into writing.

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