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Protectors of Little Africa
by Nessa Berry

Special Advance Release, not yet available from bookstores!


This is a story for children that takes them on a journey that encourages caring for the environment and nature and respect for other cultures.

It started with a round of Truth or Dare among best friends who live in a little town in South Africa. Shane, Joanne, and Barry are three bored high-school students. They decide to sneak into Voodoo Manor where the scary witchdoctor resides. Supposedly everyone who ventures into Voodoo Manor leaves “changed”…or so the story goes.

Behind the shrubs at Voodoo Manor, they discover a wild African land where native grasses grow and elephants and hippos soak in waterholes. Thabo, a drummer, who makes his home in this Little Africa, comes to the aid of the friends- who are now the size of stick people! Incorporating parting advice from Thabo with their own resources, hissing cobras, hungry hyenas, and the wrath of a great eagle, cannot stop these three teenagers.


Nessa Berry lives in the City of Gold, also called Johannesburg, in South Africa. She enjoys exploring its many places rich in culture and history, and an abundance of wildlife parks. She loves sunshine, picnics, animals and ice cream. Her home is a beehive of activity with her three lively children, two dogs and an ever-hungry fat cat.

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