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Book Company Publishing LLC (BCP) of Los Angeles is reviving an entire series of out-of-print classics that will bring scores of famous historical figures back to life for a new generation of readers.

As a result, a full line of definitive biographies about fascinating historical figures ranging from Betsy Ross to Alexander Hamilton to Sacajawea will soon be back in print. The originals are considered classics, but most have been unavailable or unaffordable to the reading public for years, until now.

The first title in the new series, Nancy Hanks Lincoln: A Frontier Portrait is considered the definitive biography of Abraham Lincolnís mother. It was originally published in 1952 by Bookman Associates of New York, and quickly became a standard reference work for U.S. History. But it lapsed out-of-print years ago, making clean copies hard to find or very expensive. But now, an affordable new trade paperback (and a special large print edition from UP) will finally be readily available once again to students, researchers, genealogists and history buffs.

Additional titles are listed below, alphabetically by author. Most are enlarged text paperbacks, ideal for schoolchildren and readers with limited vision, but also suitable for everyday use. These special editions are NOT available in bookstores, or from other online booksellers!

Hamilton's Letters by Gertrude Atherton

FIGHTER PILOT: The World War II Memoir of an American Hero by Levitt Clinton Beck, Jr.

Hawaiian Chronicles by Charles Reed Bishop

NANCY HANKS LINCOLN: A Frontier Portrait by Harold E. Briggs and Ernestine B. Briggs

Narrative of the Whaleship Essex Disaster by Owen Chase

Memoirs and Letters of Dolly Madison by Lucia Beverly Cutts

Memoirs of the Hawaiian Revolution by Sanford Dole and Lorrin A. Thurston

Memoirs of Obookiah edited by Edwin Welles Dwight

Sacajawea: Her True Story by Rich Haney

Abe Lincoln and Nancy Hanks by Elbert Hubbard

JOURNALS OF VOYAGES TO HAWAII AND ALASKA, 1792-1794 by Archibald Menzies

Designer of the American Flag: The Betsy Ross Story by Edwin Satterthwaite Parry

Life and Captivity Among the Indians: The Oatman Girls Story Edited by Royal B. Stratton

Memoirs and Letters of a Missionary in Hawaii, 1819-1876 by Lucy Goodale Thurston

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