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How 'U' Can Compete with the Giants of Publishing
by Dan Poynter and Danny O. Snow
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"U‑ doesn't disappoint. Poynter and Snow provide detailed, practical advice on self-publishing…"

-- Erma Bombeck Writers' Workshop

"The important thing…is that the content is constantly updated at the Web site. It's our top pick for writers wanting to learn how to use the latest technologies to publish and promote books at a small fraction of the cost of traditional methods."

-- "Editor's Choice," Design, Typography and Graphics

"…If you want a quick read and self-publishing information in a nutshell, this is the book for you... The book is written in an easy to follow style and, between the book and the Web site, nearly all of your self-publishing questions are addressed."

-- Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network

There is a boom today in self-publishing, as new technologies make it increasingly possible for writers to bypass publishers, producing and distributing books independently.

Equally important, independent publishers are increasingly bypassing traditional publishing industry sales channels (mostly chain stores and libraries) in favor of marketing directly to readers, and to stores whose product lines are compatible with the subjects of their books. These "non-traditional" markets are ten times more numerous, easier to target, more profitable, and more fun!

As featured coast-to-coast on the popular "Ask Heloise" radio program, the newly-updated book titled U‑ is a concise guide to independent publishing, using new technologies to lower costs and reach readers more directly. It is more than a book -- a Web site of the same name with regular updates and a free monthly e-mail bulletin are integral features that make it a "living book" of lasting value to anyone who wants to publish independently.


"Poynter and Snow: a tremendous team. Both are great writers and they know the publishing business, both electronic and print."

-- Randy "Dr. Proactive" Gilbert, Author of Success Bound

Co-author Dan Poynter is widely recognized as the Godfather of the independent publishing movement, with more than 100 books in publication, including the popular Self-Publishing Manual. Co-author Danny O. Snow has been widely quoted about new publishing technologies by major broadcast and print media, including the nationally-syndicated "Ask Heloise" radio program, AP, NRP, UPI, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times and others.

  book publishing, book publisher

ISBN-10: 1-58832-989-5
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Retail: $24.99 U.S.
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Specs: 6 x 9 Hardback (4-color)
Length: 108
Released: March 2005
Subject(s): Authorship, Publishing
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book publishing, book publisher

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