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Child Safety 101
101+ Safety Tips for Protecting Your Child
by Benny Mares
Format(s): Paperback  |  ISBN: 1-58832-099-5  |  LCCN: 2004101310  |  Retail: $ 12.99 U.S.


Child Safety Is Every Parentís #1 Priority

Is your child a potential victim? Benny Mares is a retired Los Angeles Police officer and former international bodyguard. In Child Safety 101 he draws from his experiencesin protecting others to relate more than 101 straightforward safety tips to assist parents in educating their children about the dangers of child molesters, abductors, and pedophiles.

Child Safety 101 ...

  • Explains practical ways adults can begin teaching children safety practices at a very early age.
  • Provides specific rules to teach children so that they will know what to do in situations that many parents would never consider dangerous.
  • Helps parents teach their children wise options for responding to strangers, threatening situations, and how to avoid unnecessary risks.

    "Child Safety 101 provides concise and useful information on the topic of child safety. I see this clear and practical guide as being a valuable resource for parents and child educators alike."

    --Wendy Lynne Haynes, Ph.D.
    Family and Child Therapist

    "One of the huge obstacles to child safety is the fear inherent in parents. Child Safety 101 is a perfect vehicle to overcome this formidable hurdle. I recommend this modern approach to child safety to parents who are having difficulty getting their arms around this important issue."
    --Marc Klaas
    Klaas Kids Foundation


    Benny Mares is a retired Los Angeles Police officer and former international bodyguard.

    book publishing, book publisher Child Safety 101

    Edition: First
    Specs: 6 x 9 Trade Paperback
    Length: 112 pp.
    Released: March 2004
    Subject(s): Family & Relationships
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