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It's Easy to Order UP Titles from Local Bookstores
Simply print this page and take it to any major bookstore in your area.
Formats: Paperback  |  ISBN: 1-58832-067-7  |  Retail: $ 14.99 U.S.

  • At Borders, look for a "Title Sleuth" terminal and search for the following International Standard Book Number (ISBN):

        ISBN-10: 1-58832-067-7 / 1588320677
        ISBN-13: 978-1-58832-067-4 / 9781588320674

        Sisters and Brothers/Daughters and Sons
        by Sarah H. Matthews, Ph.D.

        6 x 9 Trade Paperback, 292 pp.

    After the listing appears, select "Print" and take the ordering slip to the store's info desk. Your book should ship within five workdays.

  • At Barnes & Noble or B. Dalton, take this page to the service desk, and ask the clerk to back order the book as a Lightning Source title from Ingram, or a Replica Books title from Baker & Taylor. Your book should ship within five workdays.

  • At independent stores, take this page to the service desk, and ask the clerk to contact Ingram or Baker & Taylor to place the order. Your book should be included in the store's next regular shipment.

    Notes for Bookstores

    "On Demand" books almost always ship promptly, when ordered correctly by the retailer. They should never take more than a few days to ship.

    Most UP titles are actively stocked at the Ingram "Super Warehouse" in LaVergne, Tennessee. Orders usually ship within five days. If you have any questions about ordering, call Ingram at 800-937-8000 (or 615-793-5000 if outside the US) and ask for help ordering an "on demand" title from Lightning Source, before quoting shipping times to customers.

    Most UP titles are also available through Baker & Taylor, even when they are not available through Ingram. Contact B&T at 800-775-1100 and ask for instructions on ordering "on demand" titles from Replica Books. Please contact both Ingram and B&T as explained above, before informing customers about availability or shipping times.

    If a customer has taken the time to bring this information to your store, it is a serious indication of the desire to buy a book. Please take a few minutes to get accurate info from your distributor or wholesaler, and give your customer the kind of satisfaction that builds loyalty to your store. Thanks!

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  • If for any reason a local bookstore can't handle the order, you can easily order online from websites such as:

    Barnes & Noble