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The Magic Eyes of Tizzy Dean
by Gail Thornhill
Format(s): Paperback  |  ISBN: 1-58832-062-6  |  Retail: $ 12.99 U.S.


Ever wonder what it might be like to read someone’s mind? To be able to know someone’s deepest dark secrets by just touching their hand, or looking into their eyes? Meet Tizzy Dean…

Tizzy’s the new girl in Red Rock City. Follow her as she accidentally learns important secrets about Red Rock City townspeople, and discovers unsettling revelations about her mother’s fateful past there. From acting as a fortuneteller at the annual Halloween party, to helping the FBI find her kidnapped best friend, Red Rock City hasn’t been the same since Tizzy’s arrival.

Join Tizzy’s exciting journey in The Magic Eyes of Tizzy Dean.


Gail Thornhill loves writing about seemingly impossible situations that face teens. Her characters struggle with insurmountable challenges, using their talents to solve and eventually overcome obstacles. Using a keen observation of human behavior and events, Gail takes her readers into a fictional world, but a world not completely unlike teens own lives. As a middle school teacher in Naperville, Illinois, Gail encourages her students to read for fun, and write from the heart. Gail’s students say she can tell a compelling, mysterious story about something as simple as walking down the hall.

Mrs. Thornhill lives in Naperville with husband Steve, and puppies Tiger, Lily and Samba.

book publishing, book publisher The Magic Eyes of Tizzy Dean

Edition: First
Specs: 6 x 9 Trade Paperback
Length: 156 pp.
Released: July 2002
Subject(s): Young Adult

Copyright © 2000-2004
Unlimited Publishing, LLC
P.O. Box 3007
Bloomington, IN 47402

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