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Sutras of the Inner Teacher
The Yoga of the Centre of Consciousness
by Martin Jerry and Marian Jerry
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In the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga, the sage awakens within the student the divine flame called the Inner Teacher or Centre of Consciousness.  This inner awakening is described with personal experiences that shed light on the mysteries of the guru-disciple relationship. Written as 108 sutras or brief aphorisms with extensive discussion and Sanskrit glossary, the text has a comprehensive western scientific commentary and bibliography that provide practical guidance for the new disciple about how to work with the Inner Teacher.  The book integrates the Yogas of life and discipline on a foundation of meditation suitable for this stage of the spiritual path.


Drs. Martin and Marian Jerry, physician-scientist and clinical psychologist respectively, have studied and practiced Yoga since 1968 and were initiated into the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters by Swami Veda Bharati in 1982.  They studied directly with the late H. H. Swami Rama for ten years in both North America and India. They are founding teachers of the Foothills Yoga Society in Calgary, Canada. They have conducted clinical and laboratory research on the effects of meditation and maintain an active interest in the medical and psychological applications of Yoga philosophy, psychology and practice.

  book publishing, book publisher Sutras of the Inner Teacher

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