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Unlimited Publishing LLC welcomes the selective reader!

Unlimited Publishing LLC uses a variety of different printers and distributors to make its books available to a worldwide audience. This page helps readers locate selected UP books. Our most popular titles are available to order from all leading booksellers; many can also be ordered directly from one or more of the printers our company uses for faster service.

BOOKSELLERS and libraries may place wholesale orders for many UP titles at wholesale prices from Ingram.

An exciting series of paperbacks and e-Books from Harvard-connected writers in the worlds of Hollywood, fine arts, media and entertainment!

Use the form below to search our site for the book of your choice. Simply enter the author's last name, then click the search button:

UP BOOKS OF THE MONTH are shown alphabetically by title below. Click on any title to preview or order the book of your choice, or scroll to the bottom of this page for search tools.

  • Altered Perceptions
  • The Anarchist Geographer (Co-published with Genge Press, England)
  • Angus: The Unexpected Patriot
  • Anything But a Dog!
  • Beijing Journal
  • Beverage Wars
  • Beyond NOLA: New Orleans Reviews of Art (Co-published with the New Orleans Art Review)
  • The Bible from Cover to Cover
  • Blind by Choice
  • Blood Spirit
  • Black Papyrus
  • Board Members Rule
  • Bridges
  • Carcinoid Cancer, Zebras and Stardust
  • Casablanca Notebook
  • Cessna 210 Training Manual (Co-published with Redsky Ventures, S. Africa)
  • Chariot of Sadhana (Co-published with 2M Communications, Canada
  • Child Safety 101
  • Collectible Meals: Real Menus from History and Hollywood
  • Collectible Meals, Second Helping
  • Counting Kennedys
  • Crossing the River
  • Design an Expandable House
  • Escape from Anorexia
  • Extreme Proust (Co-published with Harvardwood Books)
  • Falconry
  • Fatal Distraction
  • Fighter Pilot
  • Finish Line Feeling
  • Fireproof Homebuilding (Formerly from McGraw Hill)
  • Fly the Wild Echoes
  • Following Through (Formerly from Kensington Books)
  • Four Seasons of Leadership
  • Get Fit to Go
  • Girl in the Mirror
  • The Golden Amulet
  • Grace Under Pressure: The Evan Shipman Story (Co-published with Harvardwood Books)
  • The Great Drug War (Formerly from Macmillan)
  • A Grunt Speaks
  • Hard to Handle Exes
  • A Heaven-Backed Rebellion
  • The Heroin Solution (Formerly from Yale University Press)
  • How Can You Give Up that Adorable Puppy? (Stories of Guide Dogs Growing Up)
  • Jay (Sequel to Me & Jay)
  • Lawyers, Law and Social Change (Co-published with Harvardwood Books)
  • Let the Tail Go with the Hide
  • Life Cycle
  • Life Lessons from a Baker's Dozen
  • Line of Position Navigation
  • The Lives and Legacies of Everyday Heroes
  • Major Donors: The Key to Successful Fundraising
  • The Man Who Was Cyrano (Co-published with Genge Press, England)
  • Managing Inventory
  • Me & Jay
  • Merlin & Me (Co-published with Bridge Arts Media, Los Angeles)
  • Navigating Hollywood's Ground Floor (Co-published with Universal Studios Hollywood)
  • No Simple Thing
  • Older Couples, New Romances
  • Once Upon a Farm
  • Orgasmic Days in the South of France
  • Presentations A to Z
  • The Privilege
  • Protectors of Little Africa
  • The Quadfather
  • The Queen of Cups
  • The Real Deal
  • Rough Magicke
    (Co-published with Harvardwood Books)
  • Sapling in the Brambles
  • The Seventh Dragon
  • Simulating Sex: Aesthetic Representations of Erotic Activity (Co-published with the New Orleans Art Review)
  • Sisters and Brothers, Daughters and Sons: Meeting the Needs of Old Parents
  • The Site
  • Spirit of the Snake
  • The Steiny Road to Operadom
  • Sutras of the Inner Teacher (Co-published with 2M Communications, Canada)
  • Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We're Going to Grandma's!
  • The Tallest Tower: Eiffel and the Belle Epoque (Formerly from Houghton Mifflin)
  • Times Square Rabbi (Formerly from Hazelden Publishing)
  • Trout Rising (Co-published with Bridge Arts Media, Los Angeles
  • The Twelve Power Secrets for Network Marketing Success
  • Two Clouds
  • Unbecoming Jane (Co-published with Harvardwood Books)
  • Vida Blue: A Life
  • Vintage Voices (Co-published with the California Writers Club, Redwood Branch)
  • Visiting Guanajuato
  • Wisdom Has a Voice
  • MANY more UP books are shown below, available from a variety of booksellers. Please keep reading, or use the search forms at the bottom of this page to find them.

    The cult-classic Dachshund tales from the late Jack Magestro
    (Booksellers and libraries may order at wholesale prices from Ingram.)

    CHARACTER COUNTS! books co-published with the Josephson Institute of Ethics and CHARACTER COUNTS! Coalition:
    Good Ideas for Creating a More Ethical and Effective Workplace
    The Power of Character
    Preserving the Public Trust
    What Every Educator and Youth Leader Must Know

    (Booksellers and libraries may order at wholesale prices from Ingram.)

    co-published with the California Writers Club, Redwood Chapter

      To find other UP books, use the search form of your choice below:

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    4. If for any reason the searches above do not produce good results, try a wider search using the form below! Please enter the FULL book title AND author's last name to search:

    You may also send an e-mail message to if you need assistance in locating a book. UP does not sell books directly to the public but we are happy to send you links to retailers who carry any book we publish. Please allow a minimum of two workdays for reply.

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