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Me & Jay
by W. Royce Adams


One hot summer day, thirteen-year-olds Geri Thomas and Jay Thornton try to find a place to cool off so they seek Blue Pool, a dangerous, off-limits area. The two discover adventures they never bargained for as they foolishly hop a slow freight train to take them up the river road and accidentally start a grass fire. Soon they find themselves being chased through a mammoth cave by two desperate men willing to do almost anything to keep the teens from telling what they’ve discovered. Geri and Jay's adventures bring them one step closer to maturity and acceptance of responsibility while delivering a solid message that bad decisions can have frightful consequences. A co-publication of UP and Rairarubia Books.


W. Royce Adams, emeritus professor of English at Santa Barbara City College, earned degrees from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri and California State University, Long Beach. He is past-president of the College Reading and Learning Association. He is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, the Authors Guild, and the International Reading Association. He has published over twenty college textbooks, primarily in the areas of reading, writing, and study skills. He has authored a collection of adult short stories: Teacher, Teacher, I Declare! and Other Little Tattle Tales, as well as the juvenile fantasy/adventure series, the Rairarubia Tales: Rairarubia, Return to Rairarubia, and Raid on Rairarubia.

Readers may click on a link below to order directly from one or more of the printers used by Unlimited Publishing LLC, or request an autographed copy from Rairarubia Books.

Please click HERE to order a paperback.

POD book publishing for professional writers

Dr. Adams is also the author of a sequel, simply titled Jay, also co-published by Unlimited Publishing LLC and Rairarubia Books.

In Jay, 16-year-old Jay Thornton is orphaned and “catches out” on a freight train to avoid placement in a foster home. Instead of a romantic hobo lifestyle, Jay discovers constant physical dangers, frequent hunger, and the fear of being caught by train gangs or angry railroad police. His adventures on the run, and contact with homeless drifters, force him to examine his personal values and the friendships he’s left behind. He must decide whether to join a subculture on the fringe of society, or return to a new life in the familiar place he’s known as home. The story delivers action-packed excitement, tempered by hard lessons that show why a romantic escape fantasy often proves harder than facing reality.

Please click HERE to order a paperback, or request an autographed copy from Rairarubia Books.

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