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Unlimited Publishing LLC collaborates with smaller publishers worldwide to bring back out-of-print books, keep current books in print without re-printing in bulk, and to test market new releases. Our co-publishing program is especially useful for foreign publishers who want to reach US readers with minimal hassle or expense. We provide:

  • Digitizing of previous editions for POD production;
  • New cover design and front matter;
  • Complete book design for new works;
  • ISBN and barcode placement; and
  • Availability to order from thousands of outlets worldwide

To bring back a previously published title, or prevent a current title from going out of print, publishers need only send in three clean copies of the book. Within four months, most titles can be available to order from thousands of outlets, without paying for a press run, warehousing, or other major expenses traditionally associated with publishing books. Best of all, because UP's printers can produce books in quantities as small as one book at a time, there are few (if any) unsold books.

To test market a new work, simply submit a manuscript in Rich Text Format, a standard 'save-as' option in Microsoft Word. Publishers may also submit press-ready PDF files provided that they meet all of our printers' specifications, with fonts fully embedded.

We assign UP's International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and barcode to each book. Books are released under joint imprints of your press as contributing publisher and UP as distributing publisher. Net revenues from all retail sales are shared equally between UP and the contributing publisher.

There are no minimums or monthly charges to keep printed books in circulation after release.

UP maintains records on all sales from bookstores and online booksellers, and shares net revenues from all retail sales equally with the contributing publisher on a quarterly basis.

Better still, once a book is released through the UP system, re-printing is never required; most books can remain widely available almost indefinitely, and need never go out-of-print again. This allows revenues to continue year after year, with little or no additional expense.

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