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Print-on-demand book publishing for professionals
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UNLIMITED PUBLISHING LLC (UP) publishes books of quality in partnership with other book publishers, previously published authors and a select group of new writers.

We use the latest "print on demand" (POD) book printing technologies to make books widely available to the public at a small fraction of the cost of conventional book publishing methods. You serve as contributing publisher while we serve as distributing publisher. This arrangement offers several benefits. To name just a few:

  • Bring back out-of-print titles with a minimum of risk or expense;
  • Keep current books in print -- without re-printing;
  • Achieve broad distribution through the leading U.S. publishing industry channels; and
  • Test market new books quickly and economically.
It's easy: send in three clean copies of an out-of-print book, that UP can convert for print-on-demand under our joint imprints. Or send in new books for co-publication at a remarkably modest cost, compared to traditional offset printing.

The UP system makes professional quality paperback and hardcover books available to order from thousands of bookstores worldwide, through the world's largest distributors, such as Ingram and/or Baker & Taylor.

Unlike some POD book publishers, UP is selective and quality-oriented. This allows us to offer a liberal return policy to retailers, almost unknown among other POD publishers. UP titles are also widely covered by major news media across the nation, and gain solid critical review from important literary and professional journals.

Click HERE for more details about how UP offers the best of both worlds: the speed and economy of POD, combined with the kind of public exposure and availability more typical of traditional book publishers.

Here are just a few co-published titles (shown in alphabetical order) released using the UP system:

Beyond NOLA: New Orleans Reviews of Art
(From The New Orleans Art Review and UP)

by Terrington Calas, B.A., M.A., M.F.A., Ph.D.
and Steve Bachmann, B.A., M.F.A., J.D.

Me & Jay
(From Rairarubia Press and UP)

by W. Royce Adams, Ed.D.

The Power of Character
(From The Josephson Institute of Ethics and UP)

by Michael S. Josephson
and Wes Hanson

Sutras of the Inner Teacher
(From 2M Communications and UP)

by Martin Jerry, M.D.
and Marian Jerry, Ph.D.

A Case History:

The New Orleans Art Review is a respected journal of fine art criticism, which has published scores of incisive and often provocative periodicals over the years.

In 2002, its editors decided to compile a collection of its best material in more lasting book form. As a non-profit enterprise, NOAR needed a challenging combination of high quality, low cost and longevity. UP provided the solution with two POD paperbacks, published in conjunction with the ACORN Cultural Trust.

Beyond NOLA: New Orleans Reviews of Art and Simulating Sex: Aesthetic Representations of Erotic Activity were released with a budget of less than $1,000 per title, yet offer quality book design and printing, and practically indefinite public availability, in quantities large or small.

High Quality, Low Cost:

These are not cheap substitutes for "real" books; they are comparable in design and production quality to most trade books traditionally found in bookstores. They are widely available to order through major book industry channels.

Yet there are no costs for an initial press run, no inventory, no warehousing, limited shipping and handling expenses, and best of all -- few (if any) unsold copies. Because these costs are slashed, the UP system makes it possible to get books into broad distribution with minimal risk or investment.

If your company has titles that are out-of-print or out-of-stock, compare these two options to get them back in circulation:

  1. Re-print 3,000 or more copies in the traditional manner at a cost of about $5K, and pay to store them until they are (hopefully) sold; or
  2. Re-release them "on demand" through UP at a cost of about $1K, and collect revenues year after year, with little added expense.

If you have previously published titles that sold moderately well, but not quite well enough to justify additional printings, the UP system is the ideal way to get them back in circulation with a minimal investment, and wring additional revenues from material that might otherwise produce little or no income.

Fast & Easy, but Lasting:

The submission guidelines to re-release out-of-print books, or keep current titles in circulation, are simple: just send us three clean copies of each book. UP will prepare your books for "print-on-demand" manufacturing and make them widely available to order from mainstream U.S. publishing industry channels within a few months.

After an out-of-print book is re-released this way, re-printing in quantity is never again required; most POD books can remain in distribution almost indefinitely, allowing the publisher(s) to earn revenues year after year, with little or no added expense.

The UP system is also ideal for test-marketing new releases, with a minimum of investment or financial risk. Most co-publishers can make new titles widely available for $500 plus pre-press, quoted in advance.

UP shares rights and net revenues from all retail sales equally with the contributing publisher. After release, most POD books can stay in circulation year after year, generating additional revenues almost indefinitely.

Who should use the UP system?

  • If you are a midsize or smaller press with out-of-print titles or books that will soon go out of stock, don't even think about re-printing. Instead, use the UP system to drastically reduce the cost of keeping your books in distribution.

  • If you publish titles that sell each year, but in modest quantities, why fill a warehouse with unsold books? Instead, make your books available "on demand" from thousands of stores and online booksellers, at a cost less than the annual storage fee at many warehouses.

  • If have a promising but unproven new book, use our system to test market before investing in a conventional press run, with little initial investment or economic risk.

What kind of material is NOT suitable for the UP system?

  • Books on dated subjects with limited shelf life; hate material or vanity press material of any kind.

  • Books that do not contain enough material to fill at least 100 pages after typesetting. We need a minimum of 100 pages in order to bind our books properly.

  • Books that contain much more than 400 pages. In our largest trim size with small type, this is usually more than 200,000 words.

  • Books with more than a few interior pages that require color. While our books have glossy, full color covers, our printers charge considerably more for interior color. Color costs are coming down, but for now it is necessary to use a minimum of color inside, in order to keep prices competitive for the public -- and you.

  • Books that require extensive interior artwork, particularly photographs. Halftones for photos are often acceptable in POD books, but not yet equal to traditional offset printing. As a rule of thumb, UP books typically contain no more than 5% to 10% graphic content.

  • Books with unusual bindings, odd trim sizes, dust jackets, special inserts, CDs, audiotapes, etc. UP produces mainstream trade paperback and hardcover books in three industry standard trim sizes. We do not produce specialty or novelty items that require customized manufacturing.

  • Books in languages that require extensive use of non-English characters. English, French and Spanish are available now. We are already working on other languages.

The UPside:
start-up costs are minimal;
little economic risk is required;
UP provides top quality technical work;
appearance of books is surprisingly attractive;
most titles can be in circulation within four months;
broad distribution and initial promotion are included!

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