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UP is actively seeking co-publication deals with other publishers, to make "Print-on-Demand" editions of previously published books widely available to the reading public.

Almost every publisher faces a number of serious financial questions as a book runs out of stock: are sales strong enough to justify another printing? If so, will the new books sell quickly, or languish in a warehouse, incurring additional storage expenses month after month? Can the publisher afford to tie up a substantial amount of capital for several months -- or even several years -- before realizing a profit? And worst of all: what if too many books never sell at all?

Umlimited Publishing offers unbeatable solutions to these and other dilemmas commonly faced by midsize and smaller presses.

If you have a book that sold moderately well, but not well enough to justify another press run, co-publish a POD edition with UP instead, at a typical set-up cost of $1,000 or less. This can keep your book "in print" without paying for a press run, and make it widely available to order through mainstream book industry channels (major wholesale distributors, leading retail chains, and online booksellers) almost indefinitely, in quantities large or small.

For books with a documented history of public demand, all or part of the set-up fees may be waived. Please contact us for details, and include the ISBN, page count, trim size, binding and a 50-word summary of the subject matter.

For a 200 page 6x9" trade paperback priced at $14.99, your revenues should approach $2 per sale. As a result, most co-published books can achieve profitability after just a few hundred sales... yet continue to generate revenues year and after year.

The process for most text-based books in standard trim sizes is simple: just send in three clean copies. We will scan the interior for POD printing, and prepare a new full-color cover, specifically designed to behave well on press for "on demand" printing. A few weeks later, the new edition will be widely available to the reading public.

POD is also ideal for launching new books at a fraction of the cost of traditional printing, with broad distribution, few (if any) unsold or returned books, and litte or no cost for warehousing, inventory taxes, and related administrative expenses.

Please feel free to crunch the numbers on your own, or request a spreadsheet from us that you can use to make your own projections. In most cases, the number of sales required to break even is about the same, whether you print the traditional way, or release a book through UP. The real difference is the size of the initial investment, and the level of risk to the publisher -- the eternal tradeoff between risk and reward.

For books that sell modestly but consistently over time, or new books whose public appeal is promising but unproven, POD provides the savvy publisher with an unbeatable way to lower costs and reduce risks... and UP provides superior POD services.

The math is simple. The choice is yours ...

Please click HERE to request more information.

The UPside:
start-up costs are minimal;
little economic risk is required;
UP provides top quality technical work;
appearance of books is consistently professional;
most titles can be in circulation within four months;
broad distribution and initial promotion are included!

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