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Unlimited Publishing LLC uses a unique hybrid of new POD technologies and proven professional book publishing practices to bring back out-of-print books, and to publish new books by professional writers at a fraction of the cost of traditional book publishing methods.

Listed below are some common questions about UP's methods, and the answers that apply to most authors and publishers:

What kind of books are ideal for UP?

UP's policies are ideal for bringing back out-of-print books about subjects with lasting interest to readers; keeping current titles "in print" without paying for costly press runs; and for releasing new books with a minimum of risk and expense.

What kind of books are NOT suitable for UP?

Books about dated subjects with limited shelf life; hate material or vanity press material of any kind; books with frontal nudity or explicit sexual content; books with unusual bindings or trim sizes; books with fewer than 100 pages or more than 400 pages. Please see our Submission Guide for detailed information about other printing specifications.

Do authors pay to publish books with UP?

No. We offer only traditional "royalty" (no fee to the author) contracts to writers. But we do expect authors to invest their TIME to promote books after publication, and market them to readers more directly than conventional booksellers.

Equally important, UP does not believe in charging readers (or writers!) inflated prices for books. Authors are never required to buy or sell books, but our policies are designed to reward those who actively promote and market them.

Are similar services available elsewhere?

Yes. See Literary Marketplace for info about submitting your manuscript to conventional publishers or literary agents. Or you can self-publish, if you have good computer skills and are willing to invest some time and money. As a last resort, you can use a vanity or subsidy press.

A few factors that set UP apart are: we are selective; we have dual production and distribution channels with BOTH of the world's leading suppliers of booksellers; and we offer a liberal return policy for selected titles -- almost unknown among other POD imprints.

Does UP accept all submissions?

No. UP's mission is primarily to bring back previously published books that have gone out of print, and to publish new books by previously published authors.

However, we are always interested in quality material, whether or not the book (or the writer) has been published previously. If your book is not suitable for UP, we'll be happy to refer you to others who may be interested. There are no "reading fees" or obligations for initial review.

How long does it take?

An initial printing is usually possible 60-90 days after submission of a 100% completed manuscript. Please click HERE for a detailed timeline.

Who holds the rights?

If you are offered a royalty (no fee to the author) contract, you grant UP all rights for three years, renewable thereafter by mutual agreement. If you are a co-publisher that submits press-ready cover and interior files that are 100% compliant with the specifications of UP's printers and distributors, you grant UP a 50% interest.

Is computer expertise required?

Only a little. In order to publish with UP, you need a modern word processor such as Microsoft Word or WordPerfect, the ability to use e-mail (including file attachments) and the Adobe Acrobat reader, available free at

The technical requirements for previously published books are very simple: just send us three clean copies of the previous edition.

Can I design the book myself?

No, but you are encouraged to send suggestions about your vision of the book's appearance when you submit a manuscript. Remember that POD is significantly different than conventional offset printing or desktop publishing, and we use multiple printers, each of which has different specifications. We are intimately familiar with the specific requirements, and almost always get better, faster, and more economical results creating the actual production files for you.

Does UP work as a printer, for books that don't need professional typesetting, distribution, or promotion?

No, but we will be happy to refer you to a printer for a quote, and wish you good luck printing and distributing it independently.

Where can readers buy UP books?

Many UP titles are distributed by BOTH of the world's largest wholesale book distributors, Ingram and Baker & Taylor. The Ingram network alone extends to more than 24,000 bookstores across the U.S. and abroad, while B&T is strong in library and academic markets.

However, in spite of UP's mainstream distribution options, we always emphasize orders placed at the Web sites of UP and its authors, at live author events, and selling books through specialty outlets other than bookstores. Why? Because these channels bypass substantial percentages taken by conventional booksellers, improving our margins -- and the author's.

How much do I earn on each sale?

10% of cover price from all retail orders, or 50% of net revenues from bulk orders such as translations, book clubs, etc.

BUT... If you sell books directly to readers at live events, from your own Web site, or other non-traditional outlets, your earnings can be substantially higher. For a $14.99 paperback, the author may bulk order (50+) privately at $7.49, shipping included.

How does the appearance of POD books compare with others?

Our goal is to make UP books equal (in fact, sometimes superior) in appearance to conventional trade books as traditionally found in bookstores. Click the "For Readers" link above to browse our catalog.

What if my book contains fewer than 15,000 words?

In order to provide proper binding, UP books must be at least 100 pages in length after typesetting. For most books, this means about 15,000 words. However, there are some exceptions, such as illustrated books, children's books, and poetry. In these cases, the word count can be lower, provided that there is enough material to fill about 100 pages.

Can artwork be included?

Yes. UP titles have glossy, full-color covers that are custom-designed to reflect the subject matter. Inside the book, line art (images in black and white with no shades of gray) reproduces better than images that require halftones, such as photographs with several shades of gray. However, photos may be included provided they have good contrast. We prefer to work with camera-ready originals, but can also use 300+ dpi files in TIFF, JPG, or BMP formats if large enough. Please click HERE for detailed information about interior images. We normally allow for up to five interior images at the standard rate.

Is promotion included?

Yes. We provide the following marketing services to help launch the book, usually during the first 90 days after release:

We fax up to 100 press releases (sometimes more) about new books to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. We also send announcements by fax, e-mail or post to bookstores, libraries and Web sites focusing on related subjects.

We assist in arranging for book reviews and interviews with members of the working press.

We create a unique Web page for each new book, to save readers the trouble of searching through catalogs that list thousands -- or millions -- of other books.

On a case-by-case basis, we also assist in negotiating deals with conventional publishers, book clubs, for foreign rights and translations, and bulk sales to institutional buyers, if appropriate.

UP is also forthright in disclosing that our efforts are not a substitute for your own. Our services are usually effective for launching a new release, but are typically completed within 90 days of publication. Yet a major benefit of POD book publishing is that most titles can remain in distribution almost indefinitely after release. For this reason, if you are serious about reaching a broad audience, you must be commited to consistent, ongoing efforts to promote and market your book in the months -- or years -- that follow.

Can I write my own press release, or pick the media that receive it?

No. UP uses an automated but highly efficient system to generate news releases. However, we will be happy to send you a copy by e-mail after release, upon request. You are welcome to print and mail additional copies anywhere you like. Our news desk will service inquiries from any member of the working press, whether they are responding to an announcement sent by us, or by you.

Why should I choose UP instead of another company?

We are a "real" publishing firm, not a fee-for-service company. UP does not charge fees from authors, nor inflated prices when books are ordered by readers -- or writers.

Our books are professional quality, and widely covered by the media as a result. Don't take our word for it; click HERE for documented reports.

UP has dual manufacturing and distribution from BOTH of the world's largest wholesalers, and a liberal return policy for selected titles, all but unknown from other POD publishers.

Our policies reward authors who are proactive about the promotion and marketing of their books. If you are serious about reaching a broad audience, you can earn $6 to $9 per book ordered at live events or your own Web site, instead of a small percentage of cover price.

I'm a popular author. Why should I choose UP instead of a conventional publisher?

UP is focused on quality, not quantity. We don't boast about releasing thousands of titles each year ... many of which hold little or no appeal to the public. We prefer to work with a more select group of professional authors and co-publishers, to produce quality books that have lasting appeal to readers for years to come.

Please click HERE to request more information.

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