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Quality is the difference that sets UP apart;
UP books are inexpensive -- but not "cheap!"
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Unlimited Publishing is not the only company to use revolutionary new "print-on-demand" technologies to bring back previously published books, and test market new ones...

... So why should you choose UP ?

QUALITY is the first part of the answer. UP provides truly professional book design and typesetting services prior to publication. Unlike some competitors whose books are prepared for publication offshore by technicians who may not be native speakers of English, UP books are typeset by literate, quality oriented, professional designers. As a result, the appearance of UP books is significantly better.

DISTRIBUTION is essential for any writer who is serious about reaching a broad audience. UP books are produced by subsidiaries of Ingram and/or Baker & Taylor, the largest book distributors in the world. The Ingram network alone extends to more than 24,000 outlets in the U.S. plus more than 1,700 abroad. Most competitors use a single distributor.

PROMOTION is also crucial in order for books to sold, and read. Meaningful promotion is included as part of our standard service. Many of UP's competitors do not provide any meaningful promotion at all; others charge up to $300 -- or more -- for comparable services.

UP is also forthright in telling you that our efforts are not a substitute for your own. If you've been published previously, you probably already know that the author does a great deal of the work in promoting a book. POD books are no exception. Since most UP titles can stay in circulation almost indefinitely, it is important to keep your book in the public eye long after our initial promotion is done. We will provide you with powerful tools for online marketing starting about 90 days after release, to help you maintain the interest of readers.

COPYRIGHT PROTECTION is a serious concern for authors of books with widespread appeal. Some of UP's competitors sell electronic editions without adequate security. If readers can make electronic copies of your book and give them to others without paying, you may be deprived of income you deserve.

SPEED is another reason why you should choose UP. If you follow our standard submission guidelines, the printed version of your book should be "live" in one or more of the major "Books in Print" databases within four months. Books from our competitors sometimes take six months to a year to reach the public. If you are considering publishing elsewhere, make sure that the production schedule is available in writing. If not, you may be frustrated by extended production delays.

INTERNET EXPOSURE is provided with a webpage specifically about each title, including "About the Book" and "About the Author" info, as well as links for ordering copies from major booksellers. Compare this system with others that require readers to search through huge catalogs listing thousands -- or millions -- of other books.

ROYALTIES from UP are far in excess of industry norms. UP shares 50% of net revenues from all retail book sales equally with the author or publisher. Many of our competitors do not. At your option, you may also fulfill orders from readers directly from your own web site, mailing list or at live events, for substantially greater earnings.

PRICE is the final reason to choose UP. Our system is not the "cheapest" way to publish a book, but if you compare the total value of all the services we provide with the combined cost of similar services from our competitors, you will see that UP provides the best value. Others offer a lower initial rate, but quickly add charges with a complicated menu of extras and add-ons that usually make the total cost higher.

Go ahead: check out our competitors. Do your homework, do the math. Compare the total cost of services, distribution, promotion, production time, copyright protection. Most importantly, compare the quality of our books. Then choose UP.

The UPside:
start-up costs are minimal;
little economic risk is required;
UP provides top quality technical work;
appearance of books is surprisingly attractive;
most titles can be in circulation within four months;
broad distribution and initial promotion are included!

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