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Move UP to the Professional POD Book Publisher!
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The ideal system for published authors:
  • Bring back out-of-print titles at no expense;
  • Test market new works quickly and economically;
  • Make books widely available to order from major book trade channels;
  • Keep high quality books in print almost indefinitely!

UNLIMITED PUBLISHING uses the latest "Print on Demand" (POD) book publishing technologies to bring back out of print books, and to publish new books in partnership with professional authors and publishers.

We specialize in previously published nonfiction with a clearly identifiable audience.

Previously published books have the advantage of prior "vetting" (review, acceptance, editing, etc.) by the original publisher. Naturally, new works do not. For this reason, acceptance of previously unpublished manuscripts by UP is limited; most are short nonfiction works with a bare minimum of artwork or graphic material.

New fiction, poetry and books for children may also be considered, provided that the manuscripts are exceptionally clean and simple, with a realistic marketing plan.

We expect our authors to be actively involved in the promotion and marketing of their books, and our terms favor those who are. While UP has broad distribution in mainstream publishing industry channels, we emphasize sales made at live events, author Web sites, and in specialty markets beyond bookstores and libraries, where the direct involvement of authors is crucial.

UP does not publish vanity press or hate material of any kind, nor books with expensive or novelty production requirements, such as large-format "coffee table" photo books, CDs, pop-ups, etc. We specialize in mainstream 6x9" trade paperbacks and hardbacks, with full-color covers and B&W interiors.

Books by public speakers enjoy extra benefits, as well as books by scholars, experts, coaches and others with broad exposure to the public.

Please see our site map for additional information about submitting a book for possible publication.

Below are just a few examples of widely published authors who are currently published by UP, listed in alphabetical order. Each link below will open a new window. Simply close new window to return here:

Steve Bachmann
Author of The U.S. Constitution for Beginners (illustrated by Pulitzer prize winner Joel Pett); Preach Liberty (Four Walls Eight Windows); Nonprofit Litigation (John Wiley & Sons) and three UP titles.

Lawyers, Law & Social Change
Joseph A. Harriss
Veteran foreign affairs journalist for TIME Magazine (Paris Bureau), The New York Times, Dallas Morning News and others.
The Tallest Tower
(formerly from Houghton Mifflin)
Michael S. Josephson
Founder of the CHARACTER COUNTS! Initiative, he is among the world's most respected ethicists, and hosts a daily radio program in Los Angeles, broadcast nationally and internationally.
The Power of Character
with Wes Hanson
Sue Lloyd
Editor of the worldwide best seller, Roget's Thesaurus, and author of Improve Your Word Power from Longman English Guides.
The Man who was Cyrano:
A Life of Edmond Rostand
Louise Roberts Sheldon
After 12 years with LIFE magazine and three years as Associate Editor of Smithsonian, Sheldon moved to Morocco where she corresponded for UPI (Paris), The Christian Science Monitor and others.
Casablanca Notebook
Arnold S. Trebach
A professor, attorney and author of The Heroin Solution from Yale University Press, Trebach has been widely praised by The New York Times, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly and other major media.
The Great Drug War
(formerly from Macmillian)

A Case History:

In 1984, Mangan Books published Let the Tail Go with the Hide by Teresa Williams Irvin, with an introduction by Tom Lea, author of The Wonderful Country and The Brave Bulls.

"Iíve already started to read it, and am enjoying it immensely," wrote Ronald Reagan in 1985. "Williams brings to the fore the vividness of life in a rough-and-tumble time with color, humor, and drama," said The Arizona Republic.

The first edition was a leather-bound showpiece, with a real silver peso on the cover of each book, and sold out years ago. Yet because the subject holds enduring interest in the history of the American southwest, the author continued to receive requests from teachers, students, librarians and researchers, year after year.

Unfortunately, copies were hard to find (and very expensive, thanks to the peso on the cover!) until UP released a POD paperback edition in 2001. Now the book can remain available almost indefinitely, at a modest price of $15.99, even in small quantities.

Why Professionals Choose UP:

We price our books to be competitive with traditional books. For example, our minimum cover price for a 200 page 6x9" trade paperback is $13.99, compared with $15 to $20 or more from many competitors. UP does not believe in charging the public (or you) higher prices for POD books.

UP has dual distribution with Ingram and Baker & Taylor, the world's largest wholesalers. UP offers a liberal return policy to retailers through B&T. Most POD publishing companies will not accept returns at all, but UP can... because we are selective.

UP pays royalties of at least $1.50 from retail book sales, and authors earn substantially more when they accept orders directly from the public at live events, their own Web sites, etc.

We aren't looking for the next Harry Potter; we want books with enduring appeal to readers, even in modest quantities. Join our family of publishing partners, and help us strive to make any good book, new or old, widely available for years to come.

Who should use the UP system?

  • If you are the author of a previously published book whose rights have reverted to you, bring your book back to the reading public with UP.

  • If have a promising but unproven new book, use our system to test market with minimal investment or economic risk.

  • If you are a popular author, why let your current publisher retain 90% (or more) of revenues from your work? Instead, publish with UP, and earn more income per book.

What kind of material is NOT suitable for the UP system?

  • Books about dated subjects with limited shelf life; hate material of any kind; vanity press material; books with frontal nudity or explicit sexual content.

  • Books that do not contain enough material to fill at least 100 pages after typesetting. This is normally at least 10,000 words, except for poetry and illustrated books. We need a minimum of 100 pages in order to bind our books properly.

  • Books that contain more than 400 pages after typesetting, about 120,000 words.

  • Books that require color other than the cover. While our books have glossy, full color covers, interiors are B&W only. We hope to have color capability for interiors next year.

  • Books with alternative bindings, dust jackets, odd trim sizes, special inserts, CDs, audiotapes, etc. UP produces mainstream trade paperback and hardcover books in industry standard trim sizes. We do not produce specialty or novelty items that require customized manufacturing.

  • Books in languages that require extensive use of non-English characters. English, French and Spanish are available now. We are already working on other languages.

  • Books (printed or electronic) released by any company termed a "vanity press" in Publishers Weekly or other authority of our choice.

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The UPside:
start-up costs are minimal;
little economic risk is required;
UP provides top quality technical work;
appearance of books is surprisingly attractive;
most titles can be in circulation within four months;
broad distribution and initial promotion are included!

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